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Discover Your Social Style

Discover your preferred or dominant ‘social style’ regarding Assertiveness versus Responsiveness according to the Merrill and Reid model.

The quiz below will give you an insight into your preferred or dominant social style.

There is no right or wrong, or better or worse style. Every firm needs a balance of people across all styles.

Why is this assessment free? Rather than charge you a royalty fee that is necessary if we use the DiSC® profile assessments, this model is an equivalent ‘open source’ version, available to all.

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By designing your organisation so that people are in roles that play to their strengths, rather than try to improve their weaknesses, you will find that performance improves, team morale lifts and productivity starts to climb.

It also helps you clarify career paths with your team. One of the most common mistakes accounting firms make in the career development and management of team members, is assuming that good accountants want to be groomed into client managers and ‘rainmakers’. Plenty of accountants prefer to stay in Grinding roles, rather than take on Minding (client relationship management) and Finding (marketing) responsibilities. It is best for all, to ascertain that sooner, rather than later, and then to plan accordingly.

Everyone wins this way, and there is less stress and frustration for all concerned.

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