Shiny new website? Now what? The truth about websites and SEO for accountants

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running race alluding to websites for accountants competition

It’s exciting isn’t it. Your bright shiny new website has gone live. It looks great. You’re proud of it. And the leads start flowing in.


No? Oh. Isn’t that what providers promise in the ‘websites for accountants’ space?

Here’s the reality about new websites for accountants, or for any business’ website…

When your new website goes live, that’s just the start line, not the finish line. It’s a little like you’ve turned up in your running gear, jogging up and down on the spot, a big smile on your face, raring to go at the start of a race. And then the gun goes off…


But you’re not the only one in this race, are you?

Your website needs to compete. Specifically, it needs to compete for:

  • attention
  • Google rankings
  • traffic (website visitors)
  • leads…

…and there are quite a few runners in this ‘websites for accountants’ race.

running race

So the next question is, how does your website compete? How do you win this race and have a website that ranks well in Google, gets lots of visitors, and generates plenty of good quality leads for you?

Here’s one thing that doesn’t work: Expecting the old Field of Dreams phenomenon will kick in of, “If you build it, they will come.”

if you build it quote alluding to websites for accountants lead gen

Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth in the websites for accountants space. Now, that’s probably not what your website provider told you. Their ‘silver bullet’—this brand new website—was probably put forward as being the answer to your marketing prayers. The reality is that such statements are at best naïve and at worst misleading.

Don’t get me wrong—a great looking website with excellent content is important, but it is only one part of one cog of your business’ Marketing Machine. This means that on its own, your website will achieve very little for your business.

In fact, most new websites for accountants don’t generate very much traffic. They’re like a new store or cafe all set up and ready to go, but with no customers walking in the door. There’s a lot of expense and effort to get to that point. Then there’s the disappointing feeling of underwhelm at how little new business is coming through the door after launch day.

And why is that?

Thankfully there is a methodical and sure-fire process you can be guided through to maximise your ROI on the investment you have made in that bright shiny new website.



Decide on the keywords (that is, specific phrases of 3 to 6 words per phrase) you want your website to rank well for in Google. The choice of target keywords is based on who you’re targeting, which services you want to focus on, and the type of leads you want to attract.

IMPORTANT: Don’t go for broad search terms such as ‘accountant [your location]’ because these tend to attract price-focused leads who don’t have any other criteria other than you’re near them. These prospects are usually looking for a low-price provider because they are not discerning as they have no specific needs.

In SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) lingo, getting clear on what you want to rank well for in search engines is called Keyword Strategy. It’s pivotal to your digital marketing’s effectiveness, yet is usually overlooked.

And upstream from Keyword Strategy is your Marketing Strategy — your fundamental decisions about the types of clients you want, your service mix, your pricing, how you want to be perceived compared with competitors, and so on. We teach the 7 Big Rocks of Strategy in our WINNING STRATEGY Masterclass 2-day workshop that we run each year.

Your SEO keyword strategy flows from your Marketing Strategy which flows from your Business Strategy.

Getting your target SEO keywords right is so important. Yet most accounting firms and small businesses have not done this either at all, or at least thoroughly and strategically.

That’s why we do this as one of the very first steps when onboarding new PARADOX members with our Modern Marketing ImpleMENTOR platform. We guide you on your strategy and help you to identify 30 phrases that you want to rank well for in Google (and Yahoo! and Bing).

Why is this important? Because the top 3 free (‘organic’) search results on top of Page 1 in Google get 80% of the clicks. So your goal is not just to be on Page 1 in Google — your goal is to be in the Top 3 for your main SEO target phrases (called ‘keywords’ in SEO jargon).

And the point of having your accounting firm’s website dominate the search results and achieve multiple Top 3 positions in Google?

Your website will get website traffic each month—no longer measured in the hundreds, but instead—measured in the thousands of visitors. We see this result time and time again with PARADOX members who have implemented our SEO advice and services.

Why should you care about your website traffic?

The reason your website traffic is so important is that without a sufficient volume of visitors, your website—no matter how bright and shiny and beautiful—is unlikely to generate leads for you. You need a critical mass of visitors to your site, not a trickle of traffic.

The next 5 steps in the process for effective websites for accountants that I will cover in future posts are:

As a next step after reading this article, find out whether your firm is ready for digital marketing, or get in touch to have a chat about getting that bright shiny new website of yours working harder for you.

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