Websites for Accountants: Are you marketing savvy or just plain silly?

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When it comes to your accounting firm's website, are you marketing savvy or just plain silly?

27 questions non-marketing-savvy accountants can’t answer about their website’s marketing effectiveness

What would an accountant think of a small business client who spends $10,000 on a piece of business equipment without any idea:

  • what its purpose is
  • how to measure its effectiveness or return on investment (ROI)?

Chances are they’d think the business owner is a little silly. Naïve, perhaps. Certainly not commercially savvy.

But this is exactly what we see when accountants come to us for help with their firm’s blogging and content marketing, having just taken possession of a brand spanking new website created by another provider. (Sadly, accountants are often preyed on by shockingly mediocre, design-ignorant, cookie-cutter, content-marketing-dunce website designers who “specialise” in websites for accountants. It’s carnage out there, folks.)

But the accountants are always so excited and proud of their new website. And why not? It’s bright, shiny and new. Which it should be, considering they probably spent between $5,000 and $20,000 on it.

Timing is everything

If they’re lucky—and timing is everything—they speak to us just before they choose a website provider. We can then steer them towards website designers and developers we know do stellar work creating mobile-responsive, cost-effective websites with great custom content. These providers are part of our PARADOX Certified Partner network—our shortlist of top notch providers we recommend.

Some of the websites our PARADOX Certified Partners have created recently include The Finance Dept, Schmidt CA and Prime Advisory. (Make sure you look at them on both your computer and a mobile device. Notice how the layout changes depending on the screen size? That’s what mobile-responsive websites are all about.)

So whether you’ve recently had a new website built, or are thinking about it, you need to ask yourself a few questions—27, to be exact. And then you should get your SEO Report Card, which is usually a real eye-opener.

Alternatively, evaluate your firm’s website using this free checklist and see how you fare. See the factors you’ve nailed and find out how you can improve your website to get more visitors and more ideal clients.

(By the way, if any of the terminology sounds foreign then you need to school up in modern business and digital marketing. These are the metrics of today’s business world. That’s why we teach them as part of our Modern Marketing Academy, where we transform accounting firms into savvy marketers who are ‘best of breed’ within the profession—firms such as Growthwise, CHANGE Accountants & Advisors, Zerobooks, Otium, Inspire CA and ADVISE Accountants.)

27 questions you need to ask yourself about your website’s marketing effectiveness

1. What’s the measurable purpose of your website?

2. What keyword phrases are you targeting for Google rankings?

3. What ‘long tail’ phrases are you targeting with your SEO?

4. What phrases are people searching on to discover your website?

5. What is the search volume and competitiveness on these phrases?

6. Do you have a content plan for blog posts to target keyword phrases?

7. How does your website rank for your target phrases?

8. What is the Google ranking trend for your website in recent months?

9. What conversion goals have you set up for your website?

10. What is your website’s conversion rate on these goals?

11. How many new email subscribers does your website capture each month?

12. What are your website’s top landing pages?

13. What are your website’s top exit pages? Do you know why?

14. What’s your website’s bounce rate? Is that acceptable?

15. What’s the average time spent on your site by each visitor?

16. What’s your website’s traffic each month? How many unique visitors?

17. What’s your website’s traffic trend over recent months? Is it growing?

18. What percentage of your website’s visitors are new (as opposed to returning)?

19. Is your website (business) listed in all the local online directories?

20. Does your website look great on mobiles and tablets? Are you sure?

21. Does your website have an SEO plugin to help when loading posts?

22. What’s your home page load speed? Is it fast enough?

23. How much website traffic are you getting from your social media efforts?

24. Which links from third party sites are helping your Google rankings?

25. What’s your website’s ROI for your business?

26. Are you happy with that ROI?

27. What are you going to do to improve your website’s ROI?

If you answered “I don’t know?” to three of more of these questions, you need to take action. Your website is probably an expensive “online brochure” that isn’t doing any work for your business. And the biggest cost for you there is the opportunity cost of the leads and new clients you’re missing out on.

A strategic website with SEO-focused, engaging content that targets clear market segments and ‘long tail’ phrases in Google is an inbound lead-creation machine.

See what you’re missing out on?

So find out how your website currently fares with our SEO Report Card tool.

And after that? Book a time to have a brief chat with us and learn how we can support your business in its marketing strategy, content and technology.

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