Twitter As A Marketing Tool – Introduction to the Why, the What and the How

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Our next members-only webinar for the Modern Marketing Academy is Twitter As A Marketing Tool – Introduction to the Why, the What and the How.


Join us on Wednesday 6 March 2013. 

Please click here to see your local start time for the webinar.

With members spread across multiple time zones, the most full-proof way to avoid the inevitable confusion between AEDT and AEST etc. is for you to click the link above and then scroll down that page to locate your city.

The webinar goes for approximately 1 hour.


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How do some businesses generate dozens of good quality enquiries and find many thousands of dollars worth of new clients each month, using Twitter?

Just last week a New Zealand-based member of our Modern Marketing Academy shared with us that her firm acquired over 20 new clients last month alone, through their use of social media and online marketing.

Another Australian-based graduate of our Academy averages 26 new client meetings a month, through her firm’s social media strategy and engagement.

This webinar gives you an engaging and hands-on introduction to the strategy, terminology and basic ‘how to’ instructions for Twitter beginners:

  • What is Twitter?
  • Why should you use Twitter as a marketing tool? What can it achieve?
  • The single biggest key to making Twitter work for you as a marketing tool
  • What are the benefits for you personally, of using Twitter?
  • The major differences between Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • What are the common mistakes people make in their use of Twitter?
  • Tweeting strategies that increase your influence and extend your reach
  • How to avoid being a social media douschebag! Seriously.
  • See how to get started and quickly become comfortable using Twitter
  • On-screen examples of using Twitter on the web, the iPad and the iPhone
  • Understand the terminology such Twitter handle, @mention, Retweets, Direct Messages, Favouriting, etc.
  • What does ‘trending’ mean in Twitter-speak? Why should you care?
  • What are Twitter hashtags? Who controls them?
  • Who in your business should get involved in ‘the Twitter conversation’?
  • How can Twitter be used time-efficiently?
  • How do you measure an ROI on your use of Twitter? What is the end game?

This is an ideal session if you’re new (or even intermediate) in your use of Twitter. 

It’s also a great session for training your team to get them involved in your Twitter marketing activities.

We look forward to seeing you live online for this webinar …

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