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strategy for advisors

In this episode of Advisory Advantage, Matt Sharwood (Director of Advise Accountants) relates how his time away from the accounting industry to get into small business helped him understand what businesses really needed from their accountants.

And it wasn’t all numbers, data, and reporting!

Matt also shares tried and tested ways to introduce advisory services and strategic planning to help small businesses succeed and build a firm focused on delivering great advisory services.

Having personal experience in business no doubt helped and informed Matt’s advice to his clients. But it isn’t a necessity to giving informed, practical advice.

One of the great benefits to specialising in advisory is that you learn from your best clients. You learn quickly what works, what doesn’t, and what small businesses can do to achieve growth. That compounding effect helps all your existing, and even your future clients.

Also discussed in this session:

  • Why accountants needs to simplify how they approach and interact with their clients
  • The significance of asking more targeted yet simple questions
  • Moving the bulk of clients from compliance to compliance + advisory
  • Developing a consistent cadence around advisory and shifting to 6-week accountability meetings
  • Attracting people who want advice beyond just tax and compliance
  • Educating clients and helping clients understand the numbers and what they mean
  • Why quality advisory comes back to asking questions and listening
  • The benefits of a great reporting system

Listen and learn from Matt’s experience

“We focus on 3 to 4 big rocks our client needs to turn over each quarter to help them meet their overall strategic plan for the year.”

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