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Accountants and Advisors: Turn your prospects and leads into clients

Michael ' MC' Carter

MC Carter Founder & CEO Practice Paradox

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“I learned the key steps and now have direction to market and grow my business.” Antoinette Palmer — Embrace Accountants

Antoinette on value of PARADOX Marketing Masterclass

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Wednesday, October 31

  • 10:00am - QLD
  • 11:00am - NSW, VIC, ACT, TAS
  • 8:00am - WA
  • 1:00pm - NZ
  • 6:00pm - PDT, 8:00pm CDT, 9:00pm EDT (Tuesday, October 30th)

Matt Sharwood

“PARADOX are transforming our business and MC is one of the smartest people I know.” Matt Sharwood — Advise Accountants

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What we’ll cover in this event...

Learn how you can nurture and extract maximum value from your email list and social followers

> How to nurture your list with email campaigns

Welcome, follow-up, and educational emails help subscribers come to know, like, and trust you.

> Nurture your social followers  

If email is king then social media is at least a prince. Learn how you can get the most value out of social.

> Get practical ideas for nurturing sequences  

Learn how you can segment your list to send your educational material to the right people every time.

> Understand where nurturing fits in

Nurturing is about offering value. It's also about helping prospects become ready to buy from you.

“PARADOX are full of practical substance, not hot air.” Ben Walker — Inspire CA