Sales training for accountants: Turn prospects into clients

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Sales training for accountants and advisors — Selling does not have to be difficult or scary. Learn how you can turn prospects into clients with effective questioning.

Nicky Miklos-Woodley of Evergreen Coaching explores the importance of asking good questions to prospective clients. Nicky is a seasoned coach and sales trainer both within and beyond the accounting and advisory space.

Over 2018 she has developed a speciality in delivering sales training for accountants who recognise the critical need to sell effectively.

The difference between asking these questions or not can be the difference between closing or losing a sale. Why? Because they signal so much about your care factor, your value, and how well you’ll be able to service a prospective client.

Of particular interest will be how you as an advisor, can convey the value of your offer — be it a single service or package. If someone’s coming to you and they’re well suited to your firm because of your niche, they’re less price sensitive. Their concern is value for money. Getting their money’s worth. In other words, getting great value from you. Nicky helps you understand the best ways to convey that value.

Pay extra attention to the question softeners, the paraphrasing, and ‘permission points’, that don’t just add finesse to your sales meetings, but help guide the conversation in such a way that:

  • You’re ensured to get the information you need to know
  • You help prospects feel heard and understood (a major component to effective communication)
  • You present questions more gently and less direct or interrogative

Be sure to watch this recording and learn why selling skills for accountants is so important!

Sales training for accountants — Turn your prospects into clients with effective questioning


  • Introduction (0:00)
  • Framing effective questioning and sales conversations (02:50)
  • Having a sales conversation with purpose (11:15)
  • How to convey the value of your services and sell effectively (14:50)
  • Learning and understanding a client’s reality and future ideal (17:15)
  • Probing and clarification questions (25:50)
  • How to not come across as though you’re interrogating your prospects (34:10)
  • Question softeners that make asking questions less direct (38:55)
  • Paraphrasing and ‘permission points’ (40:00)
  • How to get clients to sell themselves (45:00)
  • Questions and answers with MC and Nicky (52:00)

Curious to learn how Nicky can help you take it to the next level?

Nicky specialises in sales training for accountants and has worked closely with a number of PARADOX Members.

Sales training for accountants provided by Nicky Miklos-Woodley of Evergreen Coaching

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