Sales process for accountants and a new approach to marketing — One accountant’s journey

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sales process for accountants and marketing

Sarah Stein, Founder of Miss Efficiency Bookkeeping joins MC Carter, Founder of PARADOX, to discuss her accounting firm’s new and improved sales process, and the impact of her new approach to marketing in this #FridayBeerstorming special.

Sarah tells us about where her inquiries are coming from and how she is targeting her firm’s chosen target markets. She’s started getting inquiries thanks to modern marketing practices — specifically SEO — find out how in this special event.

Sales process for accountants and a new approach to marketing

Beyond getting the lead, find out what Sarah is doing to signal to prospects that her firm is a great fit for their needs from the very first conversation.

You’ll even discover every single step in Sarah’s sales process, what she talks about with prospects during her sales conversations, plus some of the emails she uses to explain her services. A highly valuable share. Not only that, you’ll even see the checklist she sends to clients to make sure her firm gets the information needed.

If any one of those are challenges in your practice, you do not want to miss this opportunity!

Other great ideas explored in this session

  • The benefits and perceived authority that comes with having a published book
  • Getting reviews from clients – how to ask and what platforms to use
  • Preparing someone to give you a great referral when the time comes vs. asking for a referral
  • The importance of focusing on the things you want to improve in business

Sarah’s tech

In this session Sarah talks about how she uses:

So where do you go to find out more about Sarah’s sales process for accountants?

Join us to learn from Sarah’s experience, and how you can use her insights and enhancements within your own firm.

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