Your Accounts Dept. gets ROI from first blog post


When Matt Treatt, CEO of Your Accounts Department, contacted PARADOX after a recommendation from his Xero Account Manager, he was ‘quite peeved’ about marketing.

“I’d been spending $2,500 a month on a marketing consultant who was supposed to be helping me grow our practice, but there was no measurable or even *noticeable* ROI,” Matt recounts.

“This marketing consultant had no industry specialisation and–I now realise–didn’t really understand the quirks of the profession and business I’m in.

“My Xero rep noted my frustration on the marketing front and recommeded I speak with PARADOX. She’d seen PARADOX-taught firms transform themselves and achieve great things.”

The first thing PARADOX did with Matt was a Marketing Gap Analysis. This identified Matt’s objectives and constraints, and that Matt would be best served by a combination of training *and* done-for-you marketing services.

And the result?

“I got an immediate ROI. In the first month, from the first blog article I published.”

In addition to subscribing to the online training program, The Modern Marketing Academy, Matt also subscribed to PARADOX’s Automatic Marketing Services across blogging, social media and SEO.

So how does the value for money compare with the previous consultant?

The value PARADOX provides is tremendous. Having experienced their services, I now see that the money I had been spending on marketing previously, was wasted. PARADOX’s industry-specific and leading edge marketing expertise is unbeatable. They give practical, specific advice that gets results.

Matt’s experience illustrates the power of specialised advice. Marketing is a broad area and it pays to be advised by people who are ‘inch wide’ in their focus and ‘mile deep’ in their expertise within your industry or profession.

That’s what PARADOX provides accounting and bookkeeping firms, like Matt’s.

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