Rapsey Griffiths achieves 2.5x expected target

Chad Rapsey and Mitch Griffiths of Rapsey Griffiths

Like most accounting firms, Rapsey Griffiths wanted to stand out from the crowd.

So they talked to a couple of firms that were already standing out by using modern marketing tools such as social media and blogging to grow their business.

As it turned out, both businesses were PARADOX members, using marketing techniques they’d learned from PARADOX’s Modern Marketing Academy.

It wasn’t long before Rapsey Griffiths also jumped on board.

“Before we joined PARADOX, we were confused about our direction,” says company co-founder Chad Rapsey. “We had no systematic approach to our online marketing, and everything seemed to be a knee-jerk reaction.

“But now we have a clear marketing strategy and content plan where things happen consistently, and to a very high quality. Our blog posts, social media use, content and eNewsletters are all at a level we never would have reached on our own.”

They’ve also embraced the latest technology to streamline their marketing.

“We’re using a great CRM system that PARADOX recommended. And we’ve integrated it with MailChimp, which makes our relationship management and lead nurturing very easy and focused.

“We can also see our opportunity pipeline numbers to help us consistently hit our growth targets each month.”

And did PARADOX give them the results they were hoping for?

“The ROI of using PARADOX’s services has been great. When we started we shared our Year 1 revenue target with them. By the end of the year we’d actually achieved two and a half times that figure.”

So what’s the secret to their success?

“PARADOX keeps us focused on the lead indicators that produce our results. We have a crystal clear path to follow, and online marketing is no longer a mystery to us. It’s a key business skill for us now, and we’re really enjoying what we’re doing.”

Now Rapsey Griffiths are telling other firms about PARADOX, just as the two accounting firms did for them.

“Being an insolvency firm, we deal with a lot of different accounting firms,” Chad says. “And we recommend PARADOX to every single one of them.”

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