Otium hits 12-month 2x growth target in month 5

Otium Group - Drew Grosskreutz Uses_PARADOX Marketing Services

When Drew G. Founder and CEO of Otium Group approached PARADOX to help his firm with their marketing and growth strategies, he put a simple challenge to PARADOX.

“We were consistently tracking at a certain number of Self Managed Super Funds setups each week. I said to MC, ‘If I invested in PARADOX’s guidance and marketing services I’d expect us to double our current monthly revenue in 12 months time. How confident are you that PARADOX can achieve that for us?’ MC analysed our current situation and came back with, ‘Confident’,” Drew recounts.

5 months after starting with PARADOX’s Virtual Marketing Assistant (VMA) Service as well as strategic guidance from the Virtual Marketing Director Service, Otium hit their 12 month growth target for their consistent monthly revenue.

“7 months ahead of schedule. Happy with that,” Drew reports.

“So now we’ve reset our sights and have new, higher growth targets for the 12 month mark.”

PARADOX has helped Otium build what they term a ‘Marketing Machine’ which is the strategic use of online marketing technologies for targeted, high-quality lead generation.

Amazingly, as we’re growing, lead generation is no longer an issue. We have more than enough leads. PARADOX is now teaching us how to be more efficient and leveraged in our use of technology in our sales process.

“A great problem to have,” according to Drew. “And the automated systems we’re building are increasing our capacity by a factor of three, without having to add any extra staff.

“What you get with PARADOX is so much more than what most people probably think ‘marketing’ is. They give us strategic advice of the highest order, wrapped in pragmatic advice regarding execution, processes and technology.

“I said to MC the other day, ‘What I love about what you’re helping Otium achieve is that PARADOX turns my ideas into processes. That’s what is giving us such great leverage. What we build doesn’t create once-off benefits in that month alone. The lead generation systems, for example, keep working for us month after month, but we only had to build the systems once. It really is a lead generation machine for us, that we can ramp up or slow down at will,” Drew asserts.

Drew decided to look into PARADOX’s Virtual Marketing Assistant (VMA) Service when a key team member, Kate, went on maternity leave.

“I was faced with a dilemma. I could try to recruit a replacement for Kate and spend a lot of time and money on not only the recruiting process but then also the induction, training and supervising of a new team member, but frankly, that’s a gamble. Kate is a superstar and finding a replacement as multi-skilled as her was unlikely.

So I started to look into hiring a virtual assistant but found that is also a gamble and quite time-consuming to find and train one up to your standards and processes. Entrepreneur friends of mine have shared some horror stories with me of their bad experiences in trying to use remote team members,” relays Drew.

“Then I stumbled across PARADOX’s VMA service. It’s the perfect solution for us because you’re not just getting a Virtual Marketing Assistant. You’re also tapping into the support of a team that includes copywriters, online tech gurus and marketing strategists.

“This has enabled me to pump out great quality blog articles, eNewsletters and social media updates each week, with a fraction of the effort it would take me otherwise.

“All I need to do is send an email off to my VMA and the marketing tasks just get done. It’s making me prolific on the marketing front,” Drew claims.

The accountability is making me super-productive. Knowing that I have deadlines each week to, for example, send through to my VMA my ideas and rough draft for that week’s blog article, is making it happen. And the PARADOX team lifts the article up quite a few notches in quality and strategic value.”

Drew says the value proposition of the VMA Service is compelling. “For less than the cost of hiring a direct employee, I’m getting expert input from a number of people on the PARADOX team. When Kate’s ready to come back to work, because she’s such an all-rounder, I’ll be able to focus her on her highest value tasks that are best done by a direct employee, rather than by a remote team.

“That gives us the best of both worlds,”

Here’s an interview over webcam with Drew, where he recounts his experiences in using PARADOX’s Virtual Marketing Assistant Service:

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