Growthwise doubles revenue five years in a row

Steph Hinds Growthwise Accountants

Founder of 2012 Xero Partner of the Year (AU), Growthwise, described herself as ‘paralysed’ in her marketing efforts before learning marketing strategy from PARADOX. “We had lots of ideas but no focus,” admits Steph Hinds.

PARADOX got us crystal clear on our strategy in terms of the types of clients we wanted to attract and how we wanted to be perceived by those types of business owners.

“Everything changed from there. It’s been magic,” Steph relates.

“Before we learnt marketing strategy from PARADOX we accepted a broad range of client types, and as a result our message had no cut-through, we were spreading our efforts too widely, and we weren’t growing anywhere near as quickly as we wanted to.”

Steph was the very first graduate of PARADOX’s Modern Marketing Academy (formerly called The Clientshareâ„¢ Academy). She and her team have also attended multiple Marketing Masterclasses run by PARADOX where they have learned how to write engaging and persuasive articles, using screencasts and videos in marketing, and how to have a memorable ‘elevator pitch’.

Our growth rate took off once we had a focused strategy coupled with content-driven marketing such as social media, blogging, and eNewsletters, as well as more focused offline marketing such as very specific networking groups. PARADOX showed us how creating content is so much easier once you’re clear on specifically who you’re targeting,” explains Steph.

“Thanks in large part to guidance from PARADOX we hit our first $1 million in fees a full year ahead of my original business plan.”

Growthwise is averaging 26 new clients each month from enquiries received via Twitter alone. And they doubled their revenue five years in a row.

“To accountants who ask me about PARADOX and The Academy, all I say is, JUST DO IT!

“PARADOX are the only consultants within the accounting industry that we use and I list MC among a handful of my top influencers. They are leading edge with their knowledge of technologies and business trends. PARADOX were speaking to accounting firms about cloud computing, social media and blogging years before other consultants followed their lead. All the other consultants to accountants are out of date compared to PARADOX. They are still living in the old world. PARADOX is new world thinking.”

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