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CHANGE Accountants & Advisers Brisbane Uses PARADOX Marketing Services

When founder Timothy Munro was creating a brand new firm, he contacted PARADOX. “We needed everything. A name for the firm. A logo. Stationery. A website design. Content for the website. Brochures and PowerPoint templates.” Tim recounts.

PARADOX did the lot for us. We love our name and the meaning behind it, as well as the look and feel of all our marketing material. It really reflects our fresh and innovative approach to helping our clients,” Tim explains.

“PARADOX has also taught us how to create great articles and also the use of video in marketing. We find that so effective and thanks to PARADOX explaining every little detail regarding the hardware and software to use, and how to shoot the videos, we actually find them quicker to create than articles. And clients love them.

“PARADOX even created a web form we use on iPads for new clients to complete when they first visit us. The client data goes straight into a database. Very efficient and it impresses clients to see that we are so up-to-date technologically. A great first impression on that front.

“The thing I like about PARADOX is that not only are they way out in front of other consultants in the accounting industry, in terms of their advice around the use of technology, they also understand the psychology and mindset aspects of getting your team on board mentally with making suggestions to clients and giving advice in the non-compliance areas.”

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