Clientshare process nets firm $59K from 11 clients


George Saab and David Cartwright of Sydney firm, Cartwright Brown, approached PARADOX at a point where they were jaded with advice from coaches and consultants.

“I said point blank to him, ‘MC, I’m tired of consultants. They all give the same old advice, and it has little effect. How can I be confident that using PARADOX will be any different?‘,” George recounts.

“MC replied, ‘Well, we’re not general practice management advice, for starters. The world already has enough advisors in that space. We focus just on the marketing and selling processes for accounting firms. Our models and processes are also pragmatic and measureable. You’ll quickly know if it’s working or not. And, it will work.”

“MC was right,” George happily reports.

The first 11 clients we applied PARADOX’s *Clientshare Growth Process* to, resulted in an additional $58,890 in Year 1 fees, and a conservatively projected additional $400,469 in annual recurring fees over the next 10 years,” George reports.

These are figures that George and David calculated themselves in a spreadsheet they dubbed their, ‘Clientshare Income Tracker’. Clientshare is a term coined by PARADOX to desecribe (and measure) how many services per client group a firms is providing.

It’s a pragmatic measure of “how proactive” a firm really is.

“That’s exciting, because we have hundreds of clients,” George explains.

David adds, “In over 20 years of subscribing to all the IP and information avalable on how to grow an accounting firm, the difference with PARADOX is how practical and easy-to-implement the strategies are.

“I would sum it by saying, all the rest are vague, and PARADOX is specific,” David asserts.

George shared that, prior to the growth spurt triggered by PARADOX’s advice and training in how to sell non-compliance advisory services, the accounting side of the firm had experienced 5 years of revenue stagnation.

MC from PARADOX notes that the advice given to Cartwright Brown at that stage had not yet addressed *marketing*. All that was addressed with the advisory *selling process to existing* clients.

“By first addressing the *mindset* the advisors had regarding selling–there were blockages there–and then teaching them a simple *process* based on psychology, coupled with specific *tools* such as checklists and forms to use through the pre- and post- client meeting process, the firm can now predictably identify, communicate with, and *engage* clients in the firm’s non-compliance advisory services where appropriate,” MC explains.

“Prior to this, the required mindset was not in place, and there was no defined process for making suggestions–dare we say it, ‘cross-selling’–to clients.

“Now there is, and it is 100% measureable and repeatable,” MC asserts.

Cartwright Brown have now started to address their marketing opportunities. They have subscribed to PARADOX’s Automatic Marketing Article Service which provides a persuasive article each month that the firm uses on their website blog and in their eNewsletter.

This saves the firm many hours each month, and gives them great content to educate their clients and prospective clients about their value-add services.

“This is the beginning of a whole new era of growth for us,” George asserts.

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