Niche portal strategy nets 22 new clients in 1 month


When Kirsten Hawke first discovered PARADOX she thought she was already quite marketing savvy.

“We’d been to lots of seminars, used various business coaches within the accounting profession, and we were aware of social media, blogging and the various ways a firm can market itself these days,” Kirsten explains.

“Despite all this ‘what to do’ knowledge, we were still struggling to even get a quarterly newsletter out. We found marketing too time-consuming and costly in terms of staff time. I couldn’t see an ROI for all the effort,” Kirsten says.

“But PARADOX changed all that for us. They filled in the missing link of the ‘how to do it’ marketing information that we’d not found anywhere else. Their advice is super-specific in terms of what software and hardware to use and how to use it, but all this ‘techie advice’ is all based on first guiding a firm to get clear on their strategy. Without that, social media and blogging is a waste of time.”

And the results?

We now do more marketing in a week and with less effort than we used to do each quarter. And it’s giving us a tremendous ROI.

“We got 22 new clients last month alone, all within our chosen market niches. Ideal clients for us. So we’re extremely busy at the moment, setting up new clients. The best type of ‘busy’!”

I love the style of marketing that PARADOX teaches. It educates people, it positions you as an authority within you chosen niches, it generates good quality leads, and it’s actually fun to do. I love this stuff.”

See what else Kristen had to say in this interview via webcam:

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