Clientshare focus lifts firm’s revenue by 30%


Shane McKenna’s Melbourne-based firm, Aintree Group, was already performing well when they contacted PARADOX.

“The benchmarking comparative reports told us we’re in the top 3% of firms in Australia,” Shane explains. “But we knew we could operate smarter, serve our clients even better. Some of the fun had gone out of it for me too,” he admits.

Shane wanted mentoring and guidance from someone who understood accounting and consulting businesses, understood the very latest options in technology, understood strategy, and understood marketing and selling aspects.

“PARADOX gives us all that.”

Shane wasn’t interested in group coaching and accountability sessions that are commonplace in the accounting profession.

“They might work for some. For me they don’t. Frankly, having to sit and listen to others who still have their training wheels on is a waste of time for me. That’s not being arrogant. It’s just where we’re at. I need custom one-on-one advice for where my firms is at right now, not formulaic prescriptions and general rules of thumb I see sprouted by various coaches.

“I also need straight talking advice, not “warm and fuzzy” group support. Been there, done that. The benefits and buzz quickly wear off when the results don’t come.” Shane asserts.

Shane subscribes to PARADOX’s Virtual Marketing Director service where once a month he has a one-on-one recorded web meeting (with both webcams on for face-to-face effect) with his ‘VMD’. He also has email and phone support for conversations with his VMD across the month, as well as access to PARADOX’s cloud-based Task and Project Collaboration platform to ensure full accountability on assigned tasks and responsibilities.

That way, nothing falls through the cracks.

“It’s great. I get top-level strategic advice as well as pragmatic and specific recommendations I can action each month. And I’m held accountable. The quality of this input is superior to what most accounting practice Partners could provide–I know that from painful experience–and I get it at a tiny fraction of the cost of giving away equity (and salary!) to Partners who may or may not perform.

“I also have the flexibility to switch it off whenever I like. Much easier than bringing on a Partner for strategic and sounding board support.”

Any signs of switching it off any time soon?

“No. We’ve been using PARADOX’s VMD service for over a year and it just works for us. July just completed we’re up 32.7% on the previous July. A good result considering where we were already, before using PARADOX. We’re tracking for $1.8m revenue as a sole practitioner firm.”

Aintree Group have also used PARADOX’s Lightning Method training and services for visually documenting their procedures and processes to make training and onboarding of staff faster and easier.

“You get far more than marketing advice working with PARADOX. Their expertise is across business strategy, innovation, technology, processes, marketing and the nitty gritty practicalities of selling advisory services.

“PARADOX ticks all the boxes for me. Our revenue is up. Margins are great. My energy and enthusiasm is up too. I’m enjoying public practice the most I have in a long long time.”

Note that a Wait List and application process applies to the Virtual Marketing Director service. PARADOX chooses to work with only a handful of firms at this level at any one time. Contact us to ask about Virtual Marketing Director pricing and to join the Wait List.

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