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When Adele Wardley ventured out on her own to start her new firm, A Squared Advisers, one of her first steps was to school up on marketing.

“I knew I didn’t know much about marketing,” Adele admits.

“I also knew that it was a skill-set that is essential for growing any business, my practice included.”.

Adele signed up for The Modern Marketing Academy, knowing she’d have her hands full, for more than one reason.

“The start of our business coincided with the birth of our first child. I actually watched the Academy training videos on my iPad, sitting on the couch while I was feeding my son!”

How’s *that* for multi-tasking! Impressive.

Adele was rapt with the quality and practicality of The Academy training videos right from the start. She shared this feedback with PARADOX early on via email:

“I’m loving it. Really loving it. I can’t wait to finish each module in the Academy to see what’s next. All of the principles you’re working with ‘fit’ exactly into the values and ideas I have about running a successful accountancy practice, but the ‘how to’ and ‘what to do’ is exactly what I needed to actually market what what I have to offer.”

So, how did it pan out?

Over 12 months later, after completing the Foundation Modules in The Academy, Adele shared this:

“I joined the Academy as soon as I started my firm because marketing was the one area I new nothing about. 12 months on and we’re
growing steadily, attracting one new client a week on 
average, and they are high value clients in our target market!”

And the ROI on the investment in being a member?

The Academy is brilliant value for money. I’ve trained myself and now I also use it to train up team members in the mindset and skills.

Adele and A Squared Advisers is an example of a brand new start-up firm succeeding by implementing the strategies in the Modern Marketing Academy. Growthwise is another. The PARADOX principles also apply equally to larger firms, with graduates of the Academy including accountants from mid-tier and Big 4 firms internationally.

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