Accountants: Are you crazy busy, good busy or just busy?

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profitable accounting firms require the right type of busy

You’re an accountant. So you’re busy. Who isn’t?

What you need to ask yourself, is what type of busy are you?

I’ll share below 4 types of busy with you.

Here’s what led to this…

This morning I was listening to a podcast (this episode, actually) on my way to the office, and David and Paul were saying that they don’t know any accountant who is not busy, and that growth is not an objective for many accounting firms.

Their reasoning was that the accountants they know are flat out looking after their existing clients, and the idea of adding more clients is not all that appealing.

But implicit in their discussion was that growth means “more clients”.

That’s only one way to grow (and it’s often the hardest way, for many reasons). There are other ways to grow a profitable accounting firm.

Then—on this same topic of “busy”—one of our members happened to text me this: “We are crazy busy”.

And all this talk of “busy” that got me thinking.

Not all types of “busy” are created equal, are they?

It’s possible to:

  • have fewer clients, and yet
  • have more revenue,
  • work less than you are now, and
  • be more 

We know this, because this is the quality of growth we routinely help accounting and advisory practices achieve.

For example, in my upcoming webinar and interview with Antoinette Palmer, an accountant we’re guiding who’s in the process of more than halving the number of clients her firm has, and yet they’ve just had the best 4 months in the history of the firm, in terms of revenue and profitability.

And she’s never had more fun being an accountant in public practice.

Work less, but generate greater profit?

Yes. Precisely

It’s time to get off that treadmill.

Busy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

When we refer to growth in relation to an accounting firm, we’re referring to:

  • Growth in mindset
  • Growth in skills
  • Growth in client value
  • Growth in profitability
  • Growth in cash flow
  • Growth via leverage

…not growth by working harder or working more hours.

Your goal is not to work any harder or to be any busier.

Your goal is to achieve the right type of busy.

We’re helping Antoinette transform her firm from being Crazy busy to being Good busy.

This is where you have fewer clients of more value, and yet have greater revenue and profitability.

So what type of busy are you at the moment?

If you’re Crazy busyBad busy or just plain Busy, then it’s time to make a shift.

And don’t tell me you’re “too busy” to do this.

That’s like being too busy to take time out to sharpen your blunt saw, believing that you need to keep working hard, sawing away because you’re “crazy busy” with just so many trees that need sawing.

Clearly, we should all take time out to sharpen our saw, which is about working ON your business. That’s why we run our 2-day Masterclass workshops, to give people that crucial time away from their business to be guided in how to work on those aspects of their business that will produce the most improvement with the least effort or investment of time and money to implement.

Antoinette came to our last Masterclass, and look what’s happening for her.

And she’s coming to our next Masterclass too. (See details here)

It’s two days that will change the course of your business success. You’ll learn fundamental business and marketing strategies that you can use to maximise profitability in your accounting firm.

Make the shift into the Good busy quadrant.

Staying ‘Crazy busy’ is just that.