Blog Article Service

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You know that having great content on your website and its blog is important:

  • It increases your website traffic
  • It positions you as an authority
  • It nurtures and generates leads

It’s also time consuming to create content. Not to mention doing the following:

  • SEO’ing the article so that it ranks well in Google,
  • And—upstream from that—being clear on the SEO target phrase for the article,
  • Finding and editing and image to include with the article,
  • Loading the blog post into your website,
  • Doing social media posts to promote the new blog post, and
  • Scheduling future social media posts to re-promote the blog post.

Imagine if instead of spending 4 or more hours editing and polishing a blog post, PLUS using up 2 or 3 hours of a support or admin team member’s time you could spend 30 minutes or so “banging out” a rough draft that captured the essence of your idea for the blog post—but was not at all polished—and you could send that to a crack marketing team who would then:

  • Polish the article so that it’s engaging to read,
  • Create a compelling headline to attract readership (without a great headline, no-one reads the article),
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimise) the article to improve its Google rankings,
  • Find and edit a great image to include in the article,
  • Load the article into your website / blog back-end, and
  • Promote the article through your social media networks.

You’d save around a day in your and your staff’s time.

And you’d end up with a far better article (blog post). And higher website traffic. And more leads.

That’s what our Blog Article Service gives you.

Request a Quick Tour or get in touch to make a time to have a chat with us to learn how our Blog Article Service will help your business the same way it has helped CHANGE Accountants & Advisors, Inspire CA, Zerobooks, Otium Group, Rapsey Griffiths and a raft of other award-winning businesses.

Unless you are consistently publishing great content online, with a clear target audience and a cut-through message, your business is invisible. Our Blog Article Service will put your business on the map.