Marketing Machine 2.0 webinar part 2

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Online marketing for accountants

In Part 1 of our Marketing Machine 2.0 webinar, I covered the first five components you need in your business’ Marketing Machine in order to attract high-quality, targeted inbound leads. In other words, how to get ideal prospects coming to you knocking on *your* door. Parts 1 and 2 contain the ideas and strategy accountants need to radically overhaul their online marketing. I really do feel sorry for anyone who has to do old-fashioned outbound marketing such as networking, prospecting, telemarketing or ‘reaching out’ to (a.k.a. spamming) people through LinkedIn as a way of generating business. Save me.

They obviously just don’t ‘get’ how to do modern inbound marketing, where people come to you instead.

But we’re only halfway there…

In this webinar we covered the final five components of the Marketing Machine 2.0 model:


Watch the recording now and see examples of the very latest in marketing best practices from some of the most switched-on, fastest-growing accounting and advisory firms on the planet.

Online Marketing for Accountants and Advisors

Intro (0:00)

The Marketing Machine 2.0 model (2:45)

Automate (4:50)

  • Building your conveyor belt of influence
  • Infusionsoft CRM — campaign builder
  • Marketing Mistake #6

Nurture (20:15)

  • People buy from those they know, like and trust
  • Growth takes time
  • 5 positive interacts before a sale
  • Pre-educates so leads and prospects are ideally suited to you
  • Marketing Mistake #7

Invite (31:50)

  • Invite your leads to book or buy
  • Inviting people to third party events works too
  • Marketing Mistake #8
  • Where to go to learn to speak and present effectively

Sell (40:15)

  • Big skill gap for accountants and business advisors
  • You need a structured sales process
  • Marketing Mistake #9

Onboarding (49:15)

  • First impressions, setting expectations and contact points

The overall purpose—how this builds your clientbase (53:00)

How to contact PARADOX(55:30)

Hear from a PARADOX member on implementation (56:50)

  • Matt Sharwood on using surveys and communicating with your clients
  • Segmenting email communications
  • Length of survey—best practices