Niching for Accountants: Opening doors to your ideal clients

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niching for accountants

Niching for accountants and advisors doesn’t mean going all out and committing to one niche only and turning all other prospects away.

It also doesn’t mean “pick an industry, only accept clients who are medical specialists and turn everyone else way”.

It can mean either of those, but it doesn’t have to. Like many things in life, there is a spectrum, meaning there are alternatives and options for chiselling out a niche that suits you and your business.

Watch the webinar to learn the benefits of a niched accounting firm from both marketing AND operational perspectives, and hear what PARADOX Members have achieved in their business in terms of both leads and revenue growth.

You’ll also learn the different degrees of niching and see examples of each of those. You’ll see what websites that are super niched, strongly niched, multiniched, and not niched look like.

Plus you’ll discover how buyer personas (documented descriptions of your ideal clients), and Niche Portal Partners (suppliers, providers, and events that cater to your niche) help you to connect with your ideal clients.

Learn how to niche your firm!

  • Intro to the topic 0:00
  • Benefits of niching 9:30
  • Success stories 13:00
  • 6 degrees of niching 18:20
  • Different niching examples 24:15
  • Buyer Personas 34:00
  • Nich Portal Partners 46:45
  • Q&A 56:00

Where do you sit when it comes to niching your firm?
Get your free copy of the Niching Checklist and Guide for Accountants here.

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