October's FREE web event for accountants and advisors

Streamline your sales process for prospective and existing clients

Michael ' MC' Carter

MC Carter Founder & CEO Practice Paradox

Trent McLaren

Trent McLaren Head of Accounting & Partnerships Practice Ignition

Richard Francis

Richard Francis Founder & CEO Spotlight Reporting

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“I learned the key steps and now have direction to market and grow my business.” Antoinette Palmer — Embrace Accountants

Antoinette on value of PARADOX Marketing Masterclass

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Wednesday, October 24

  • 10:00am - QLD
  • 11:00am - NSW, VIC, ACT, TAS
  • 8:00am - WA
  • 1:00pm - NZ
  • 5:00pm - PDT, 7:00pm CDT, 8:00pm EDT (Tuesday, October 23rd)
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Matt Sharwood

“PARADOX are transforming our business and MC is one of the smartest people I know.” Matt Sharwood — Advise Accountants

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What we’ll cover in this event...

Learn how you can set up a sales process that doesn't turn into a leaky bucket

> How to remove friction from the sales & engagement process

Learn how to cut the unnecessary fluff and work smarter not harder.

> Win your clients over with a great first impression  

Don't say you're different or better than the other guy, be different and be better. We'll show you how.

> Creating winning proposals  

Live, collaborative scoping and fixed-pricing help but there's more to it. Join us and see what a winning proposal looks like.

> Move existing clients onto advisory services

Up-selling your existing clients is tricky. Much more so than up-selling a prospect. That said, it can be done if you know the art of the up-sell.

“PARADOX are full of practical substance, not hot air.” Ben Walker — Inspire CA