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MASTERCLASS PREVIEW: Why many 'rockstar accountants' cite PARADOX Masterclasses as 'life-changing' events - and why you will too

Michael ' MC' Carter

HOST: MC Carter - Founder & CEO - Practice Paradox


Thursday, October 26

  • 12:00pm - NSW, VIC, ACT, TAS
  • 11:00am - QLD
  • 9:00am - WA
  • 2:00pm - NZ
  • Wendesday for US attendees 6:00pm - PT, 8:00pm CT, 9:00pm ET

Why attend this webinar? Simple…  

Find out what you'll learn, the breakthroughs you'll achieve and access a special offer made available only if you attend the webinar *live*.  

If you’ve ever looked at the new breed of stellar fast-growth accounting firms and wondered how they ever got started in and got so good at: - Blogging and content marketing - Social media - Video and webinars - Building their profile - Establishing a strong online presence - Attracting high quality clients - Selling their non-compliance advisory services - Growing revenues with apparent ease

… there’s a very good chance the firms you’ve been looking at have been guided by PARADOX with their marketing.  

It’s also likely they’ve attended a number of our Masterclass workshops.

Now it’s your turn.

First, attend this 30-minute webinar live to receive a *special offer* on the last remaining Early Bird tickets.

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It would be a mistake to miss this webinar.

The 3-day format of this Masterclass across one day each on the topics of:

- How to market - How to sell, and - How to deliver your value-add advisory services…

… will teach you things you’ll never learn from old-school “practice management” coaches and consultants who are still teaching firms how to, in my opinion, “straighten deckchairs on the Titanic”, so to speak.

With a stellar line-up of speakers, this Masterclass promises to be our best yet.

Register to attend this webinar on this page, and join us to hear MC Carter explain the 3 essential ingredients every firm needs, to achieve effective marketing.


See you in the webinar!