Members-Only Webinar – OIL: Professional Selling Skills for 
Accountants and Advisors

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Our next members-only webinar for the Modern Marketing Academy is the 9th Foundation Module: Your Oil: Professional Selling Skills for 
Accountants and Advisors

Module 9 of the Modern Marketing Academy is the final of 4 modules on how to sell your firm’s additional value-add services. The first 5 modules in The Academy address marketing. In module 10 we show you how to objectively measure and monitor your firm’s marketing and selling effectiveness.


Join us on Wednesday, January 16, 2013. 

PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THE DATE. Due to an Christmas and New Years, there will only be one webinar in January on the third Wednesday.

Please click here to see your local start time for the webinar. 

With members spread across multiple time zones, the most full-proof way to avoid the inevitable confusion between AEDT and AEST etc., is for you to click the link above and then scroll down that page to locate your city.

The webinar goes for approximately 1 hour.


Click the Register For This Webinar button in the members’ area after you log in.


  • Value Conversations – How to have them with clients
  • Why ‘The Ambush Selling Technique’ is common in accounting firms – and why it does not work
  • What needs to happen before a client meeting where additional services are sold
  • Profiling your team for their natural preferences regarding Grinding, Minding, Finding and Reminding
  • How to discuss career paths with team members as a result of their profile
  • The Client Experience Cycle – Why you need a diagram depicting your firm’s annual client service cycle
  • The ‘sales meeting’ structure
  • Tools for sales meetings
  • The Purpose Statement
  • QuestioningTechniques
  • How to truly listen to clients and let them know you are
  • Rapport building process
  • Temperature checking questions
  • Reducing objections through what is communicated prior to the client meeting
  • Understanding objections are ‘beneath the waterline’
  • How to deal with objections
  • Questions for confirming the client’s commitment
  • The importance of post- purchase reassurance


  • Your firm will have the right people sitting in front of clients, discussing optional additional services.
  • Selling for you and your team (and for clients!) will feel just like a conversation — no-one will feel like they are selling or being sold to, due to the lead- up, the process and the soft skills your team will learn as part of the program.
  • Meetings with prospective and new clients will automatically educate the client to the full range of services provided, in a way that makes sense from the client’s own perspective.


  • Your firm will have bridged a skill gap that most accounting firms never do:You and your team will have the ability to sell, effectively, professionally.
  • These skills are referred to as ‘oil’ because they make your Marketing Machine™ work much more smoothly.You can have systems and structures in place, but without the ability to have effective ‘value conversations’ that lead to higher value engagements, your Marketing Machine will not operate as effectively as it otherwise could.

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