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Interview with Matt Sharwood ADVISE Accountants

In a conversation Matt Sharwood of ADVISE Accountants had recently with MC, he mentioned three remarkable things:

  • “Our firm is growing, and we’re not even trying”
  • “We have more than tripled the value of our new client engagements”
  • “I’ve never had more fun in my accounting firm than what I’ve had lately”
  • Watch the interview to hear how Matt’s doing it and what his firm is doing differently from most other firms to achieve these outcomes.

    Topics covered in this webinar…

    Introduction and and background of ADVISE
    – The importance of having a process
    – Background of the firm
    – Compliance vs. advising
    – Matt’s frustrations and pain points early on

    Ways we work with you business advisory model (7:15)
    – A tailored plan versus a menu of services
    – Authentic advisory vs. those who claim to be advisors but don’t add value
    – Re-framing your firm and providing additional value beyond compliance

    Marketing Masterclass (14:20)
    – The 1-page Marketing plan
    – How the Marketing Machine 2.0 model can help not only your own firm, but your business clients too

    “We’re growing without even trying” — Advisory and coaching services over compliance (17:40)
    – Seen as a business coach rather than an ‘accountant’
    – Rapidly increased both revenue and value delivered
    – Automation as focus to allow maximum advisory delivery
    – How Matt is delivering more for his clients and acts as a sounding board for their thoughts

    Matt’s implementation of Infusionsoft and marketing automation (24:10)
    – Choice of CRM and other automation tools depend largely on the stage your business is at
    – Automating communication — segmentation campaigns
    – Communicating with clients to get them to think about their strategy and marketing

    Niche targeting and buyer personas (29:50)
    – Tightening the offer and message to target and tap into a particular niche market

    Latest and greatest apps (31:15)
    – Notability
    – PracticeIgnition
    – Pricing philosophy
    – Convert Flow

    Q&A (46:30)
    – Slack
    – Business database, how many and where they are housed
    – Zapier

    How to sell advisory services to clients (55:00)
    – Focus on their pain points
    – Easier to sell to new clients than existing ones
    – Selling by using educational stories relevant to their business