3 days learning and implementing business-building strategies to MARKET, SELL and DELIVER value to your clients


Steph Hinds on PARADOX Masterclass

“Attending Masterclass took our business to the next level.” Steph Hinds — Growthwise - Xero Accounting Partner of the Year 2012

“We love the content, learn something every time we come. I think it's an essential part of your marketing strategy.” Tanya Titman — Consolid8 - Xero Accounting Partner of the Year 2016

Accelerate Your Business Success

This 3-day Modern Business Masterclass is designed for:  

  • Progressive accountants and business advisors and
  • Your clients who are growth-oriented small and medium-sized business owners.  

See Who should attend this Masterclass below, for more details. 

The 3 Keys to Accelerating Your Business Success

The 3 keys of MARKET > SELL > DELIVER are like links in a chain. It only takes one link to be broken, for the entire chain to be broken. You need all three in place to succeed in business:

  • Generate demand for what you offer—which is the first key, MARKET;  
  • Convert leads and enquiries into sales—which is the second key, SELL;  
  • Provide a ‘WOW!’ experience for your clients—the third key, DELIVER.  

All too often small businesses only have one or two of these three keys in place. 

Why each of these 3 keys essential for your business success

  • If you’re weak on the MARKET key, you’ll get far fewer leads and enquiries than is possible. 
  • If you’re weak on the SALES key, you’ll be failing to capitalise on your sales opportunities. 
  • If you’re weak on the DELIVER key, your word-of-mouth referrals will be low and your client or customer churn rate will be high.

When you get all 3 keys in place, your business performance goes ‘POW!’ You’ll succeed at levels you never have before and find yourself looking back and ask yourself, “Wow. How did we get here? What was the turning point in our business?”

If you attend this 3-day event, chances are you’ll say, “It was Masterclass.”

Masterclass has helped many businesses accelerate their growth

Many businesses before you have identified attending a PARADOX Masterclass as turning point in their business’ success. PARADOX Masterclass attendees have included successful, award-winning entrepreneurs and business advisors such as Tanya Titman of Consolid8, Steph Hinds of Growthwise, Timothy Munro of CHANGE Accountants & Advisors, Drew Grosskreutz of Otium Group, Greg Tuckwell of Zerobooks, and Matt Sharwood of ADVISE. 

Attending and implementing at Masterclass will create change

Do you remember WHY you started your business in the first place?

  • Your business should support a great lifestyle. It shouldn’t consume your life. 
  • A well-performing business gives you choices and prosperity
  • A mediocre business is just a job. And you’re chained to it. 
  • A badly-performing business is a low-paying job with long hours. 
  • Your business can give you and your family a great life, full of choices, flexibility on how and where you spend your time, travel, financial security, the ability to help many people and an immense sense of personal achievement. Business is fun! When you’re winning. 
  • Once you learn how to design and create a great business by implementing the 3 keys of MARKET > SELL > DELIVER, you’ll truly have an effective, working business — and not just be constantly working in your business.  

“Simply put, Practice Paradox has transformed our business and continues to do so.” Mitch Griffiths — Rapsey Griffiths

Write down right now—and be specific—your answers to these questions:

  • What is your ideal annual net income to you and your family? How much money do you need to live the lifestyle you desire for you and your family? 
  • How many weeks of travel, holidays and just chilling out would you like each year? 
  • Which days and how many hours would you like to work each week?

There’s no right or wrong answer to the above questions. Bring your written answers to these to Masterclass.  

Why? Because whatever you have written down is achievable.

We know this to be true, because we’ve helped so many startups and small businesses go from uncertainty or struggle, to prosperity and a good life. (MC was at a conference recently and a member (client) of PARADOX shared with him over dinner, “MC when I started getting business guidance from PARADOX I was really struggling. I was on the verge of taking out a second mortgage on our home. Last month, we fully paid off our mortgage. We are totally debt free and our business revenue doubled again last year. That’s five years in a row now, thanks to what you taught me.”  

That is very cool. And satisfying.

And it’s available to you too. 

“So much great information. I definitely recommend bringing a colleague so you can work through ideas as you go.” Jenelle Schultz — Business Fitness

Why PARADOX Masterclasses are so powerful and different:

  • Sure, you can go and find conferences and events on aspects of marketing. 
  • And you can find sales training.
  • You can also go to tech events to learn of the latest innovations in business. 
  • What you get with PARADOX Masterclasses and business advice is a powerful blend of expertise across all these areas including business strategy, marketing, selling, innovation and technology. This is crucial, because these areas of business overlap and interact. 
  • Only when these aspects are considered together within an overall framework for business success do you get solid and practical business growth advice. This is what you get with PARADOX and is what sets us apart from the many coaches and advisors. 
  • The Founder of PARADOX, MC Carter, is also deeply experienced in not just consulting to firms across strategy, marketing, selling and innovation, he’s a successful and award-winning entrepreneur having founded consulting firms, software companies and medical technology companies. 
  • And with MC you also get an uncommon and extremely valuable blend of the street-smart, real world experience and in-depth formal education. MC has multiple degrees including an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, finished in the Top 1% of his MBA, and in the course of his studies reached the world final of three different global competitions across entrepreneurship and innovation. (Heck, he even invented medical devices and has patents to his name, appearing on ABC Television’s The New Inventors. But he says none of his mates saw the show. State of Origin was on at the same time the show went to air.) 
  • MC is a true innovator in the business consulting space, and at Masterclass you’ll be tapping into models and frameworks for business success, created by MC. 
  • At Masterclass you’ll discover how on several occasions MC’s advice has seen businesses triple their revenue in the space of 12 months, without spending one cent on advertising or ‘traditional marketing’. MC systematically helps businesses achieve this by identifying their Leverage Points. These are the areas in a business that offer the biggest gains in revenue, profit or cash flow, but with the least amount of effort compared with alternative strategies.  
  • You’ll learn how to identify Leverage Points in a business at this Masterclass. You’ll enjoy hearing MC recount how in the 1990s he taught his Leverage Point methodology—developed when he was managing the marketing consulting and copywriting divisions of The Results Corporation—to his colleagues and clients including (later to become) business coaches Brad Sugars of ACTIONcoach, and Rob Nixon of PANALITIX, both of whom based their businesses (and later their business’ software apps) on MC’s Leverage Equation.  
  • Now it’s your turn to apply the massive power of leverage... 

“Implement just one idea from Masterclass and it can make a world of difference to your business and your clients.” Nikolas Ahkin — FBZ Accountants


MICHAEL ‘MC’ CARTER — Founder & Director PARADOX

Michael ' MC' Carter

Michael 'MC' Carter is the pioneer in the new forms of digital marketing for accountants and business advisors globally. He is an Award-Winning entrepreneur, copywriter, business consultant, marketing advisor, speaker and self-confessed ‘propellor head’, MC has worked in and consulted to the accounting profession across 2 decades.

PARADOX was the first mover in educating the accounting profession about the advantages of social media, blogging and content marketing. PARADOX's client list is now a "Who's Who" of innovative, fast-growth firms.


“MC is a great presenter—informative, entertaining, and relevant. Chris Newman — Newman's Accountants

Nicky Miklos-Woodley — Founder of Evergreen Coaching  

Nicky is on a mission to help businesses (of all sizes) embrace the role that sales plays in the growth and overall success of their business.  

With over 14 years' sales and leadership experience, Nicky has worked with and led high performing sales teams and businesses ranging from start-ups, SMEs and corporate.  

Her Evergreen approach is centered around implementing and teaching frameworks and methodologies that are tried and tested with proven results in her own business and in those of her clients.

Nicky Evergreen

Stuart McLeod — CEO & Co-Founder of Karbon

Stuart is an entrepreneur who has founded and led several companies over the years. In 2014 he co-founded Karbon Inc to build software for accountants and advisors. Stuart's background includes integrating payroll for the Australian and US Xero marketplaces, and he's dedicated to tackling the big problems that the accounting industry is facing. With over 15 years of experience in software development, sales, support and product management, we can't wait to learn from him at Modern Business Masterclass.

Guy Pearson — Co-Founder & CEO Practice Ignition

Guy is an entrepreneurial accountant, passionate about removing the bottlenecks from business processes in order to achieve scalability. He's a big believer in technology and tools—so much so that he co-founded Practice Ignition, a tool that aims to be the single point of collaboration for small business owners and their advisors. Guy's aims to change the public perception of accountants by focusing on value-add, niching, and true advisory is utterly aligned with what we stand for at PARADOX. His background of accounting in public practice combined with technology will make for a dynamic and practical session at Masterclass.  


Who should attend Masterclass?

The strategies, concepts and principles apply to any type of business, and are particularly suited to knowledge-based, service-based and professional services businesses.

Progressive accountants and business advisors are encouraged to bring up to eight people: two from your advisory firm, and six people from, say, three of your small business clients. The Business Masterclass frameworks and metrics will open up for you a world of crucial numbers and lead indicators that your small business clients will need to understand, monitor and discuss.

That’s where progressive accountants and modern business advisors come to the fore. The discussion of a business’ “numbers” can open up to the all-important lead indicators—many of which are marketing- and sales-related—that produce a small business’ results. Financials are obviously crucial and are the reality of a business’ results. But they are lag indicators. Add to your reporting and client discussions the modern lead indicators you’ll learn at masterclass, and you’ve just stepped up to being a L.E.A.D. Advisor, leaving behind the 99% of advisors who remain traditional ‘Lag Advisors’, reporting to their clients only historical lag indicators and results.  

Who should not attend Masterclass?

People looking for a sit-back-and-just-watch-the-slides type conference (which is the standard type of event in the accounting and advisory professions). This Masterclass is a true workshop. You will be learning skills, documenting strategies and creating a number of your firm’s strategic pillars and marketing content throughout the event. 

Rebecca White - Consolid8

“A great combination of strategy and execution. Take the time out of your business to think, strategise, be inspired, learn and develop an action plan to implement.” Rebecca White — Consolid8

Some of the key learnings and action items you will get to transform your business thinking and strategy in 3 days...

Day 1: MARKET How to generate demand with the latest modern marketing

  • The first—and biggest—mistake most business owners make when starting out
  • The 4 essentials for mastering business and achieving growth
  • Why ‘growth’ doesn’t have to mean ‘bigger’ — Creating EASE in your business and life
  • Harnessing The Results Formula: Value x Communication x Leverage 
  • Why LEVERAGE is the most powerful concept to understand for growing a business
  • The Myth of the 3 Ways to Grow Your Business formula: The Leverage Equation 3.0
  • NOW: The 10 latest trends in marketing and small business
  • Taking the mystery out of marketing: The Marketing Machine Blueprint 2.0

Day 2: SELL How to convert leads and enquiries with effective sales skills and processes

  • Present like a pro — 10 tips to lift your presentation skills and influence
  • Pitch perfect — How to craft and deliver an effective and memorable pitch whether in business networking events or when asked, “So what do you do…?” in social settings 
  • Why sales is a blind spot for many businesses, holding them back 
  • 9 signs that your sales process is outdated  
  • Sales PROCESS — 7 steps to sales mastery
  • Sales metrics — The lead and lag measures to track your sales effectiveness
  • The Growth Grid: WHy you need a sales process for each of the 4 Growth Quadrants  

Day 3: DELIVER ‘WOW’ your clients — How to deliver, execute and IMPLEMENT

  • New Client Onboarding — Keys to getting your clients off to a great start  
  • Your second chance at making first impressions — The ‘talk and walk’ match  
  • Eliminating inefficiencies as your prospect moves from sales team to delivery/ops team  
  • Going Upstream — How to collaborate with your accountant or business advisor to identify your business’ next Leverage Point
  • Systematically exceed clients’ expectations — How to bake “WOW” into what you do
  • Execution and getting things done — The skills that separate the wannabe successes and the business owners who consistently implement and get great results  

3-Day Modern Business Masterclass Come to 1, 2 or all 3 days

Pay for 2 days, get the 3rd day FREE


PER DAY Ticket Price

$1497 + GST 

1-day ticket to Masterclass workshop


Dinner an optional purchase at $90 + GST pp

PARADOX Member bonus: Get 15% off your ticket price (pre-GST), AND get access to the full event video recording. Just login to the PARADOX Platform here to get your member discount Promo Code, or email your Member Concierge. 

3-DAY Ticket Price (third day free)

$2994 + GST

Complete 3-day Masterclass workshop


Dinner an optional purchase at $90 + GST pp

PARADOX Member bonus: Get 15% off your ticket price (pre-GST), AND get access to the full event video recording. Just login to the PARADOX Platform here to get your member discount Promo Code, or email your Member Concierge. 

“Masterclass has helped us achieve clarity and focus about what we are doing and who we are doing it for. It's helped us overcome the hurdles of implementing and getting a clearly defined and operating marketing strategy in place.” Paul Sweeney Pretium Solutions

Paul Sweeney on PARADOX Marketing Masterclass

The Masterclass ‘9 in 90’ Guarantee

If within 90 days of the event you have implemented the strategies you learned at Masterclass and you have not generated at least 9 TIMES your ticket price in additional revenue for your firm, we’ll refund your ticket price in full.

How can we be so confident in offering such a guarantee? Let’s look at…

What people say about PARADOX Masterclasses

Consolid8 logo

Rebecca White


Xero Accounting Partner of the Year 2016

“Masterclass is absolutely critical becasue it’s your chance to step out of the mayhem and actually implement some of the things you have learnt”

“MC is very good at taking you through a structured process from start to finish. It's all about focus—focus in the short-term as well as the long term.”

Growthwise logo

Steph Hinds


Xero Accounting Partner of the Year 2012

This Masterclass was addressed by MC Carter who is a great thinker in the field of growing accountancy businesses. He has clarity on many things that most don't have. That alone is worth the investment. The room is relaxed and informal which creates a great environment for learning and sharing. I've found that many accountants are great technicians without being great business people. MC helps us bridge that vital gap.

Anthony Berkman - Berkmans

I always have high expectations based on previous interactions and knowing how practical and knowledgable MC's delivery is. Thanks again. Another burst of momentum and focus.The guidance provided has helped achieve clarity and focus about what we are trying to do and who we are trying to do it for. It's helped us overcome the hurdles of implementing and get a clearly defined and operating marketing strategy in place.

Paul Sweeney - Pretium Solutions

Masterclass is absolutely worth every cent. Not just the content delivered, but learning from others in the room while doing some of the exercises and even just chatting has been of enormous value. Stuff you can't get just watching webinars or reading books.

Elliott Brannen - Tempo Tax & Accounting

MC is a great presenter both informative and entertaining, and also incredibly relevant. Masterclass is a great opportunity to network with other firms from around the country and learn about both their successes and mistakes made along the way.

Chris Newman - Newman's Accountants

Please, please, please attend this. If you are passionate in growing your business, helping your clients, it will be life changing.  

I was seriously considering selling my practice, I had lost the passion and it wasn't fun anymore until I joined Practice Paradox and attended the Masterclass and I have my passion and drive back!  

You will create an awesome and exciting vision for the future.

Phillip Efthimiou - PWK Accounting Group

Masterclass is a must for anyone who is serious about learning more about modern marketing for accountants. The structured learning from multiple mediums assists in keeping the education enjoyable.

It is insightful, motivating and will provide you with the framework or blueprint to overhaul your marketing strategies.  

The hands on exercises provide a start on your marketing plan.

Robert Moore - MSI Taylor Business Services

Phillip Efthimiou on PARADOX Masterclass

“Masterclass gave me a clear pathway to grow my business. There is so much value for anyone passionate about growing their business and doing more for their clients.” Phillip Efthimiou — PWK Accounting Group


Ramada Hotel and Conference Centre, Marcoola Beach, QLD

Address: 923 David Low Way, Marcoola QLD 4564 — Google Maps  

Phone: (07) 5457 2555

Accommodation: Ramada Hotel and Conference Centre Marcoola Beach (Tip: get an ocean-side room, if available.)

Right on the beach at Marcoola. You’ll have time for beach walks and swims, before Masterclass begins each day.

Getting there Marcoola is short drive from the Sunshine Coast (MCY) airport. If you can get a direct flight in, great. If you fly into Brisbane, it’s an easy 80-minute drive north.

Enjoying the location Masterclass is on a Wednesday to Friday so you can choose to stay on for the weekend or longer. Some activities to pencil in while you’re on that part of Sunshine Coast include:  

  • Walk up Mt Coolum — If you like a good walk and a spectacular view. At sunrise it’s sensational, looking out over the ocean; and at sunset it can be pretty special watching the sunset over the Glasshouse Mountains to the west. Have a coffee, meal, beer or wine at Canteen or (My Place next door) at Coolum Beach — Cafes overlooking the ocean and beach. It’s hard to take. 
  • Visit Noosa — Plenty of fine dining options in Hastings Street, gorgeous walks through the Noosa National Park around the headland, or just chilling out watching the sunset across Laguna Bay from Noosa Beach. There are also Noosa River and everglade cruises to enjoy.
  • Visit Sunshine Beach — This cool little enclave, apart from having some of Australia’s most expensive real estate, has a great little restaurant strip that has a fantastic relaxed vibe. 
  • For the golfers — There are a number of courses to choose from, including Twin Waters. 
  • Bringing the kids with you? — Sorry to hear that. Just kidding! :) There are water fun parks the kids love at Twin Waters and Coolum, and boat / canoe / standup paddle board hire on the Maroochy River, Cottom Tree and Noosa. The Ramada has bicycles you can use for exploring the area. The Coastal Pathway is a great way to explore lots of different beaches by bicycle (and most of the way it’s dead flat!) 
  • Visit the hinterland — Montville and Maleny are gorgeous towns full of galleries, restaurants and boutique B&Bs with amazing views of the Sunshine Coast. 

“Masterclass is a thoughtfully structured program providing clear, quantifiable outcomes and clear articulation of what needs to be done and how to do it to have a successful, scalable practice.” Nigel Mason — RDL Accountants

PARADOX Marketing Masterclass dinner
PARADOX MC Masterclass
PARADOX Marketing Masterclass
PARADOX Marketing Masterclass attendees
Antoinette on value of PARADOX Marketing Masterclass

“I highly recommend attending Masterclass as it provides time to focus on the future strategy of your practice.” Antoinette PalmerEmbrace Accountants

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be tech-savvy to attend this Masterclass?

Not at all. The purpose of this Masterclass is to get you crystal clear on your strategy for implementing modern marketing. We know through decades of consulting—and our own entrepreneurial experience in a number of ventures—that to bring about change in a business requires a combination of 4 things: Mindset, Skills, Systems and Tools. If any one of these is missing, your results will be sub-optimal. 

Software on its own is a tool. In fact, in the field of marketing (and in any area of your business) an app is just an expense until it is underpinned by a strategy for what you want to implement and a resourcing plan to implement it. If you're tech-savvy, great. If not, no problem. What matters more—in terms of extracting the maximum value from this Masterclass—is to be clear on the type of firm you want to develop and the types of clients you want to attract.

What do I need to bring?

  • An open mind
  • A laptop (we'll provide internet access)
  • A sense of humour. (Okay, this one's preferred, but optional. We'll have fun.)

Is there a dress code?

If there is, we don't know about it. At PARADOX we wear t-shirts, jeans and sneakers. You can wear whatever you're comfortable in. Oh. And there will be national television networks at the event, so you might be caught on camera and broadcast to the world. Okay. Kidding about that last part, But... did that change what you thought was an 'appropriate' dress code for the event? If it did, then we challenge you to be stronger on 'brand you'. Regardless of who will be there, wear what it is that you wear. We're about authenticity, not appearances. 

Do we need to already be active in our marketing?

Nope. If you are, great. You'll end up with far greater clarity and a stronger structure to your marketing activities. 

If you're a marketing newbie, you'll be able to get started marketing your business in a way that will dispell a lot of the myths and confusion around marketing for you.

Do I have to come to all 3 days?

You can attend for 1, 2 or all 3 days. Take your pick. When you purchase 2 days, you get the third day for free and you are welcome to transfer that to a colleague in your business—just be sure to let us know if someone else is attending on one of the days instead of you.

Will I get access to the recording if I join PARADOX in future, even if I am not currently a PARADOX member?

Yes. If you secure tickets to Masterclass, you will be tagged in our system—even if you are not currently a member. If you do become a PARADOX member any time after Masterclass, you will automatically receive full access to any and all Masterclass recordings for events that you have attended if the event took place in 2016 or later.

“I have strategic goals for the business plus and the action steps to achieve them in the next 12 months. Masterclass will completely change your mindset, you won't regret it.Ryan Addinsall — LPR Advisory