Manage client onboarding — Best practices for accountants and advisors

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Check out the recording below to discover the best practices you can use to manage client onboarding as an accountant or advisor.

This training session is presented by special guest Ian Vacin from Karbon. Ian starts by stepping through the truths of onboarding — the pros, cons, facts and realities of onboarding.

From there you learn optimal processes for information collection, cover practical ways to manage client expectations, see real workflows that you can use as a guide for your own practice, and get tips that you can use to improve your existing onboarding process.

Learn to manage client onboarding by watching the recording below

Topics covered in this recording:

  • Intro (0:00)
  • Success stories (3:00)
  • The truths of onboarding (4:40)
  • Information collection (9:30)
  • Client management (18:30)
  • Workflow (39:30)
  • Tips and tricks for effective client onboarding (48:20)
  • Wrap and close (101:20)

Use the holiday down-time to start implementing these changes in your firm.


Because onboarding helps retention, shows your skill and competence, and done well — will wow your new clients and reaffirm their choice to work with you.

Keep your marketing (and operational) machine cranking. This is how you move from good to great.

This is how you develop renown and an authority within your niche. The little things matter.

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