The 10 Latest Trends in Marketing for Accountants

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Digital marketing for accountants has clearly come of age as a topic. This webinar presented by PARADOX and held in conjunction with Business Fitness attracted a record level of interest. When we founded PARADOX 6 years ago and started—as the first firm in the world to do so—teaching accountants and advisors about the need to use content-driven and thought leadership marketing such as blogging and social media, many laughed at us asking, “Why on earth do accountants need to do this stuff?”

Times have changed. Accountants now “get” that digital marketing is no longer an optional extra. It’s not just for the ultra-progressive avant-garde firms. It’s now normal modern business practice. There IS no such thing as an “offline business” anymore.

And the message delivered in the webinar—and the 10 latest trends in marketing for accountants presented by MC Carter—struck a chord it seems. See below the video an email that came through from an attendee after the webinar.

For now though, grab a coffee or wine or beer—depending on the day of the week or time of day!—and nestle in to school up on the very latest trends in digital marketing for accountants.

Feedback after the webinar included this email…

Thank you! That was the best webinar I have attended in the last 10 years. MC was great and it really shows that as accountants we know very little about this area and how much the marketing for accountants space has changed in the last 5 years.

The presentation was a comprehensive and logical step by step process and it shows that with the right approach and the right training how outstanding results can be achieved. I’ll be playing the webinar recording to the partner group to show everyone there is a better way and a better marketing process than what we’re doing now.

Robert S. — Melbourne, Australia

But to know and not to do is not to know, of course. It’s time to “show up” with your firm’s digital, online presence. If you’re ready to move beyond “preparation mode” and into “action mode”, your simplest first step is to request access to our Quick Tour videos which explain three of our most popular marketing support services of our:

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