Key Metrics to Measure Client Loyalty and Revenue

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PARADOX Metrics webinar

In the latest PARADOX webinar, we explored the difference between lead and lag indicators — in particular the lead indicator of how many Future=Focused Advisory Meetings (FAMs) you do each week. Also covered in this webinar are Clientshare™ — how well serviced your existing clients are (to contrast marketshare), why you want to maximise your Clientshare, and the most critical measures to track and measure it.

Webinar recording: Metrics to Measure Client Loyalty and Revenue

Time stamps:

  • Intro and what these metrics can help your business to achieve (0:00)
  • What you can measure, you can manage, and what you measure improves (11:30)
  • Lead vs lag indicators (15:00)
  • Clientshare™ (18:00)
  • The 10 traits of a Future-Focused Advisory Meetings (28:30)
  • Methodical approach to FAMs (49:00)
  • The crucial metrics to track (53:00)
  • The benefits of creating a high Clientshare™ firm (55:30)
  • Next steps for implementing what you’ve learned in the webinar (56:45)
  • Q&A (58:00)


Next steps after watching the webinar recording

  1. Be sure to email MC at if you would like a copy of the Clientshare™ Matrix template
  2. Share the recording with your team and discuss how you will implement FAMs
  3. Check out the event page, and join us at Modern Business Masterclass — 3 days learning, building, and refining your firm’s marketing, sales, and service delivery.

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