How well does your accounting firm’s website rank in Google?

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Want your accounting or advisory firm’s website to rank well in Google?

Who doesn’t? Imagine what doubling or tripling the number of prospective clients coming to your website could mean for your firm.

Watch the recording of MC’s #FridayBeerstorming for a few ‘do’s and don’ts’ to help you get strategic.

Be sure to watch the video to learn:

  • The importance of being savvy in digital marketing. Understand what’s happening with your firm’s marketing (and avoid being swindled by dodgy providers)
  • Why you should set up Google Places in Google My Business to appear top of the local search results
  • Why your website needs to be SEO’d to rank well in Google
  • Why you MUST know your firm’s SEO keyword phrases
  • Why writing articles that are both great to read and have been SEO’d to rank well for your target phrases is an excellent guerrilla marketing tactic
  • How you can avoid website errors that harm your ability to rank in Google

Win more of your ideal clients. For a strategic review of your website and Google rankings, click here to get your SEO Report Card and Competitive Rank Snapshot, complete with analysis by the PARADOX Team. We’ll show you how you can take your website to the next level and start attracting (and winning) more ideal clients!

When it comes to creating your keyword phrases, understand who you want to attract. Understand the pain points you’re solving for them. Understand the aspirations you’re helping them to achieve. This will help you both understand who you’re writing for, and create useful keyword phrases relevant to your target market.

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