How Can Advisory Firms Attract the Kind of People Who WANT to Advise?

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Why is it that if accounting firms are advisory in nature—and the act of advising and having a relationship with clients—is a people-person profession, why do accounting firms keep hiring people who are unlikely to be suited to being strong advisors?

That’s a big statement, but in last week’s Friday Beerstorming, MC examined the truth of it in the context of the archetypal roles outlined by David Maister. Grinders, Minders, Finders, and MC’s addition—Reminders. Watch below for a breakdown on the types and tendencies firm’s have to continually hire Grinders, instead of opting for the Winning Mix.

As you see, some personality types are far more suited to advisory than others. In fact, some accountants and advisors view client-facing time as an interruption!

Less than ideal for the advisor.

Far less than ideal for the client who won’t be getting the care, attention, and responsiveness they deserve.

So what can you do? How can you find and hire accounting team members who are eager and willing to advise?

Don’t get rid of all your Grinders—that’s not the point of this post.

What we recommend, is to to hire from all of the archetypes outlined in the video. That’s what we call, the Winning Mix.

You can find out your Social Profile here.

Watch the video above to understand more about the social profiles, then draft several questions to ask potential new hires so that you can find out where they’re positioned and which Archetype(s) they fall into.

Then you’ll be hiring accountants on to your team who actually want to advise.

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