Growthwise Interview: How Steph Hinds Achieved Rapid Growth and Marketing Success

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Growthwise interview Steph Hinds growing accounting firm

Here’s what you’ll learn in this interview with Steph Hinds, Founder of Growthwise:

  • Learn what the turning point was for Growthwise to go from feeling “paralysed” in relation to their firm’s marketing, to being totally focused and effective with marketing their firm.
  • Discover how Growthwise has sought to “ban admin” in their firm–drastically reducing the need for low-value, non-chargeable tasks through the use of technology.
  • Hear why Steph “no longer does email”–not in the traditional sense anyway.
  • Find out which social media platforms Growthwise uses, which they don’t bother using, and how social media generates inbound enquiries for the firm every week of the year.
  • Steph will share her 3 biggest “aha moments” that have led to the firm’s sustained year-on-year growth.
  • Hear why Steph comes to PARADOX Masterclass workshops and why she’s registered yet again for Masterclass–for the upcoming ‘Marketing Machine 2.0 Blueprint‘ November event in Brisbane.
  • Get your Promo Code to secure your Masterclass tickets at significantly discounted Early Bird pricing that expires soon. This will save you hundreds of dollars per ticket.

Topics covered in this webinar…

Introduction and where Growthwise is at present
– The origins of Growthwise
– The current status and revenue numbers

Steph’s inspiration for starting Growthwise (3:22)
– Steph’s story
– How Steph and PARADOX became acquainted

Growthwise – Struggles from the early days (5:30)
– Early struggles, idea overwhelm and analysis paralysis
– Laser focused niche targeting strategy
– Accountability
– Knowledge, understanding and structure lead to 2x growth YOY for the first 5 years

Traditional marketing and advertising vs modern marketing approaches (14:10)
– Strategy, website & branding
– No outbound marketing

Achievements — both Steph’s and Growthwise (16:08)
– Speaker at Xerocon South
– Xero Parter of the Year 2012

#BanAdmin (17:10)
– Getting rid of non-chargeable operations by increasing efficiency — ‘eliminate, automate or delegate’ or using apps to provide specific services
Favourite apps and tools:
– Karbon
– Shoebox
– Slack
– Spotlight Reporting

Building a community or tribe (23:50)
– The importance of educating prospective clients
– Learning fundamental business strategy in a structured format

Social media platforms (29:05)
– Which social media sites do Growthwise use, why/why not?
– Use the tools that fit you’re strategy, don’t use them simply because they exist.
– Creating content appropriate to users of particular platforms

DiG — Local events for professionals (33:15)
– Building the tribe, educating and brand building to help attendees develop their businesses

Steph’s “Aha” moments and significant turning points (36:18)
– Learning that she needed help to establish a structure
– There’s a knowledge gap — people are missing fundamental business and marketing education
– The importance of knowing there are things you don’t know, and things you don’t know you don’t know about technology and recent changes and innovations

The differences between Masterclass and other business and professional development events (39:56)
– PARADOX teaches focus strategy
– Taking the time to work on your business, rather than constantly working in your business.
– It’s tangible and specific, you aren’t left wondering what the action steps are.

Marketing Machine 2.0 Masterclass (44:45)
– You’ll leave with your own Marketing Machine 2.0 Blueprint to take your marketing to the next level in 2017
– Where and when — Brisbane, Queensland 21-22 November
– The agenda for the 2-day workshop

Q&A (47:25)
– Where do I start with content marketing?
– How do people interact with you on social media?
– Social interactions give your firm an opportunity to learn about prospects, as well as being a place for potential clients to learn about you.
– How to use content marketing to generate warm clients who know, like and trust you.
– Participating and helping with community events to establish connections

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