Strategy, clarity, and growing a young accounting firm #FridayBeerstorming

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Interested in growing your accounting firm?

Join us for a spot of #FridayBeerstorming with Anna Simpson of #Accounting firm Account On Me from Auckland — discussion strategy, clarity and growing a young accounting firm.

Watch and learn from MC’s discussion with Anna right here

Account On Me is just a year old, and Anna specialises in accounting for hospitality and related businesses. She found value in our blog posts and webinars, and recognised the traditional best practice model for accounting firms was outdated. As a result, Anna joined our Strategy FastTrack program. She’s got plenty of personal experience in small business, which greatly helps her ability to empathise with and understand her clients.

In working with us she’s thought more about her strategy and who is and is not the right fit. Specialisation is the most leveraged way to grow an accounting firm in a way that is scalable. Most importantly, Anna’s following through on her strategy and saying ‘no’ to poor fits. Nothing will hurt your ability to create your ideal firm like caving and accepting clients who are not suitable.

Another benefit to this is that when she starts ramping up her marketing, it will be both easier and quicker to create content that reaches out and grabs her ideal clients. Anna will know exactly who she’s communicating with. Compare that with firms who are not clear on their strategy and who they’re targeting. How on earth can they expect to market and grow reliably and consistently? They can’t.

One of the biggest priorities was breathing life into her firm’s website, to distinguish herself from all the other accountants with boring messages and boring branding. She’s currently in the process of going through a redesign and rewrite of the website, and the new site’s going to look incredible once it’s live.

Also explored is how you can get leads quickly with Niche Portal Partners, and the importance of working on your client-value-mix. Be sure to watch the full episode to get all the insights and nuggets of wisdom.

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