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attract leads for your accounting firm

Many small-medium sized business owners treat their website like a silver bullet. The idea is “Get a shiny new one every few years, and the results will follow”.

If you’ve been there before, you know that’s rarely the case. New leads don’t just magically appear.

A nice website is just one link in your chain. Without a strategy in place, a nice website won’t generate more business than a clunky, outdated site.

And pretty pictures don’t do much for your bottom line.

Protect yourself from the lures of silver bullet providers and learn about an undervalued link in your marketing chain that affects your potential to generate additional business.

Whether you’re a techie, or you want to delegate these ideas to others, the effectiveness of your website will be far greater if you implement what we cover in this session.

Watch the recording below to discover:

  • How you can encourage web visitors to take action and engage with you
  • How to immediately signal that you’re the right firm for your ideal clients
  • Ways to move prospects along your conveyor belt of influence, to help them know, like, and trust you (a prerequisite to signing up with you)

The actions people take in your website are critical, if they don’t engage with you, you’ve lost them.

Stop losing and start winning. We’ll show you how.

Learn how to generate a steady stream of warm, pre-educated leads for your accounting firm each week


  • Overview of the Modern Marketing Machine 2.0 (1:20)
  • Converting website visitors into subscribers (4:30)
  • Conversion recap? (16:00)
  • Conversions: Where to focus (19:00)
  • How to understand and utilise your top pages (27:30)
  • Strategies for increasing website conversion (32:00)
  • Conversion rate optimisation and tools (36:30)
  • Thinking about your own website conversion (40:15)
  • Killer Content Masterclass (50:30)

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