Accountants: Deliver More Future-Focused Advisory for Your Clients

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future-focused advisory with spotlight and PARADOX

Deliver More Future-Focused Advisory

Hear from Richard Francis of Spotlight Reporting, and MC Carter of PARADOX  in this special advisory session.

Richard Francis on Spotlight Reporting and Business Advisory

Learn why Spotlight developed their reporting software and are killing it when it comes to helping accountants step up and do more — to transform the practices and become real advisors.

It’s easy to commit in your own head to ‘doing more advisory’, but without the tools, the processes, and assistance it rarely happens. Why? Because no one gets mad if you don’t do it. You don’t have to do it.

But what more and more accountants are realising, is that they are better off doing it than not. Offering advisory services—and doing them well—distinguishes you from the pack of accountants who won’t touch it.

Why are accountants who deliver future-focused advisory better off?

Because they make a far more real and profound difference to their client’s lives. They work with their clients to develop strategies and focus areas that have a real impact on the bottom line.

If your clients started making more money, felt happier, and became more loyal and grateful to you as a result, how would you feel?

Better off might be an understatement!

And the best part is you can do it already. You’re an accountant. You have the skills—the hard part’s done. Selling the value and communicating it well can be learned—if you choose to make it a priority.

Watch the full video above to learn about Richard’s five pathways of advisory, how Spotlight’s Reporting software can help your firm (and your clients), and more.

MC Carter on the big picture

Then discover the little recognised principle of firm evolution with MC. MC shows precisely how you can evolve your firm by growing client revenue—without actually taking on any new business.


By learning to sell your advisory services. And packaging them so you can service a range of clients of close—but varying—values.

Business owners don’t highly value reports about past data. But if you offer future-focused advisory — if you show them where their business is headed right now—that’s incredibly valuable.

There are no silver bullets, a great website, a great social presence, a killer lead magnet, a highly engaged email list—None of these alone are the answer. But if you focus and improve one at a time you can build the firm you want.

Start by developing your strategy and do so knowing that advisory is going to be a major part of your service offering. Get scalable and get package everything in a way that makes sense to your clients.

Only then does it become worthwhile to market your services. Strategy comes first. Then get a great website and digital presence. Start creating valuable content people want in the form of videos and blog posts.

That ticks two of the three boxes:

  1. Look great, and
  2. Sound greatAnd in getting your strategy right in the first place and delivering advisory, you’ve already ticked the third box too:
  3. Be great

And from there, you can add in all kinds of fancy automations and enhancements around lead generation, content publishing, events, tracking and converting. Then you’ve built a business that will work for you, day and night. Growth (or evolution) becomes predictable and reliable. Not something you have to cross your fingers for. Unlike being at the mercy of referrals—where you don’t control the message.

Be sure to checkout and subscribe to the Advisory Advantage podcast—hosted by MC and Richard right here.
If you’d like a copy of the free Transform! ebook Richard mentioned in the web event, you can email to access that.
If you’d like to get in touch with PARADOX and take your firm to the next level then click this link.

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