Advisory advantage – Future shifts in the accounting industry

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future accounting industry podcast episode

Chris Hooper, Founder and CEO of Accodex joins Richard Francis (CEO of Spotlight Reporting) and MC Carter (Director and Founder of Practice Paradox), to discuss the future of the accounting profession and related topics.

Chris recognised several years ago that he could future proof his business if he could determine the direction and the future of the accounting and advisory profession. He didn’t divine this by watching the stars every night, but by noticing the trends in technology, and the subtle changes happening across other industries.

He recognised there was an increasing potential to grow organically both online and offline, beyond what was possible in the old, traditional partnership model of accounting. And so, he has built his business with that assumption in mind.

Also explored and discussed in this episode were:

  • Chris’ thoughts on other shifts he sees on the horizon for the profession
  • Advisory as more than providing pretty reports — diving in to what it means for business owners
  • How accountants can add real value (in the form of recommendations, goals, etc) for their clients
  • The Value Pyramid for scaling business advisory
  • How Accodex attracts advisors with the right traits, personalities, and aptitudes for communication.
  • How Accodex communicate the value of their advisory services
  • Chris’ experience with paid ads
  • Business intelligence data and the future of data (as a predictive tool)
  • Asking the right questions in client meetings

Hear the full episode here – or right here on iTunes

If you’d prefer to watch the video, you can also do that here

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