Making forward facing accounting the new norm

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forward facing advisory services

Prue McStay, Director at Astute Mode reveals the challenges and benefits of building a firm that focuses on forward facing Advisory services instead of the regular tax and compliance work.

This podcast will help accountants who are serious about delivering more Advisory services for clients, provide insights into the three key areas needed for success – systems, process, and people.

And first and foremost — it comes back to showing you’re not just a box ticking, number cruncher.

Instead of starting with compliance work and trying to build towards Advisory over time, Prue explains how Advisory was the natural starting point for her practice which led picking up their client’s compliance work as well.

Topics and ideas discussed in this session include:

  • How to stand out and signal that you’re more than “just an accountant”
  • How Prue got setup and started in advisory
  • Distinguishing a true advisory firm from typical accountants
  • Why forward facing advisory should be the standard, not the exception
  • Marketing, messaging, and standing out
  • Packaging advisory services into a product that sells the journey
  • Advice for re-branding and re-inventing an accounting firm with a focus on advisory

Listen and learn from Prue’s experience

Alternatively, watch the video chat here

“It’s more exciting to be walking beside someone helping them through the next steps in their business than just talking about last years results.”

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