Does Your Accounting Firm’s Website Suck? Or Rock? 8 Things To Check.

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We are well past the era where firms could afford to think, “We’ve got to have a website,” and think that simply having a website was sufficient. A case of, “tick that box”.

Well, here are a number of other things your firm needs to tick, if you expect your website to work for you …

8 Things That Make Your Firm’s Website Suck:

  1. Poor design: A website that looks like a cheap suit. First impressions count.
  2. Static content: Content that doesn’t change often.
  3. Boring content: ‘Brochurespeak’ about how good you think you are, written in a style that sounds like a brochure, not a person’s voice.
  4. Stock photos: Photos of models pretending to be your team.
  5. No social: Lack of ways to connect with the firm via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, etc.
  6. No education: A site that doesn’t add value and teach the reader something.
  7. Poor SEO: No conscious effort to make your website Search Engine Optimised (‘SEO-friendly’) so that it ranks well in Google for your target phrases.
  8. No reason to subscribe: A website that doesn’t convert visitors into subscribers to your eNewsletter.

Conversely then …

8 Things That Make A Firm’s Website Rock

  1. Great design: Modern, fresh, edgey design. Professional designers used. Not family members who dabble in design. Not the work experience kid. Not a cookie-cutter design from one of the low-cost website factories who spit out generic websites like they’re serving fast food meals.
  2. Fresh content: Your website should not only have and blog, it should primarly be a blog. This makes it easy for you and your team to add new content (and keep the site organised, among many other benefits).
  3. Engaging content: Content that speaks to the reader so that they feel like you are having a one-on-one conversation with them, about timely and interesting topics … not about compliance and the latest tax rulings!
  4. Real people: Photos of your actual team members and clients. People connect with people. Real ones. Not fake ones.
  5. Social: Icons linking to your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook Page, YouTube Channel and so on. This of course assumes you are active in your use of these and are publishing good engaging content into these social networks.
  6. Education: A site that teaches people useful stuff. And … wait for it … even inspires them to make changes in their lives.
  7. Traffic: Lots of visitors because, due to smart SEO work, your site ranks in the first few listings on Page 1 of Google when people search on the terms and phrases you are targeting.
  8. Conversion Machine: A site that gives visitors clear incentives to subscribe to your eNewletter and other updates; incentives like reports, white papers, videos, surveys, diagnostic tools and other engagement tools. Do this, and your marketing database grows daily and automatically.

Fail to tick the boxes on those 8 items above and you’ll have a website like 99% of firms’ sites: boring, static, and providing no ROI to the business and no value to readers.

Tick the boxes on those items and your site becomes a valuable cog in a Marketing Machine that will deliver a steady stream of pre-educated, warm enquires to your firm.

Keep in mind too, that a great website will not only help you attract new clients, but also new team members.

Make yours rock. Not suck.

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