Digital Marketing (and the cloud) Levels the Playing Field for all Businesses

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digital marketing for small business

Gotta love the cloud and how level the playing field is these days for small and medium businesses.

Today, three of the accounting firms who signed up as PARADOX members (for our digital marketing services including blogging, social media, email newsletters and SEO) were spread across the globe: one firm from the U.K., one in NZ and one in the US.

And I live by the beach on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

In fact, our distributed team members range from Sydney to Brisbane, up to Manila and across to the USA.

So today alone that’s $43,200 in new engagements and I never had to leave my desk. The lead generation was all done by our webinars, video, social media, blogging, and emails. Likewise, the sales process was all done through our website’s web forms, as well as web meetings.

I’ve never met these new members “in real life” (face to face or in the flesh), but I do know them—we’ve had brilliant conversations with webcams on at each end, allowing us to really connect.

Why am I bothering to tell you this?

Is it a chance to big note myself? Nope. I’m not here to tell vacuous stories of what I’ve purchased, exotic places I’ve played golf recently, or my next trip into outer space.
The point here is the advantages digital marketing offers—the advantages which enabled these results—are available to all small business owners.

To you.

It’s all about the digital marketing advantage.

What happened at PARADOX HQ today is precisely what we help our members achieve. (See my interview with Greg Tuckwell of from last week here to hear how his business experiences these same things each week.)

Everything starts with developing a solid strategy, then articulating a clear and compelling message (which includes your content but encompasses much more). If you wrap that in smart systems to track your metrics, success is inevitable.

If ‘inevitable’ sounds farfetched, I can show you how to apply this approach to any business and, in fact, any area of your life (e.g. in health and ‘weight maintenance’). Having often tripled the revenue of businesses (across multiple industries) by applying my formula of VALUE x COMMUNICATION x LEVERAGE = RESULTS, I know this to be true.
It’s not a hope or a wish. It’s what happens when you follow the methodology I teach.

So, what about you? What about your business? Where are you at with your results? How does that compare to where you wish you were at?

Are you an ImpleMENTOR?

Or a PROcrastinator?

The playing field of business has never been flatter. You can easily out-compete your larger competitors.


If you’re savvy to the new ways of doing business—including marketing—in the digital age.

Get savvy. We’ll show you how.