The Marketing Machine 2.0 model for Accountants

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The Marketing Machine 2.0 helps accountants and advisors to grow and evolve their businesses by:

  1. Nailing their business and marketing strategy
  2. Building a stunning online presence for their practice
  3. Consistently publish quality content (blogs, videos, and more)
  4. Attracting targeted traffic (ideal clients) to your website
  5. Encouraging those ideal clients to opt-in to your email list
  6. Automating the above two components to work for you to generate leads 24/7 on autopilot
  7. Nurturing new email subscribers with educational, valuable content
  8. Inviting email subscribers to book (attend an even or come to a webinar) or buy from you
  9. Getting trained in selling and learning how to structure a sales process
  10. Blowing new clients away with a kickass onboarding process

Properly implemented, this model will ensure you never again wonder what to do next to market and evolve your business.


It is strategic and it is focused.

Strategy enables you to get results. Unstrategic marketing will never give you a predictable, measurable ROI.

The focus on 10 core components ensures that you remain on track. The depth of possibility within each component means there will always be something to create or improve. A new way to strengthen your marketing message or to evolve your business.

And together—like links in a chain—the combination of strategy and focus helps you create a strong marketing and operational machine that gets results if you implement.

See for yourself in the recording below…

The Marketing Machine 2.0 for Accountants and Advisors

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