Digital Marketing for Accountants: Taking Out the Mystery (and the B.S.)

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Digital marketing can seem like a mystery for accountants and advisors who are trying to grow their businesses.

Like many firm’s, you’ve probably dabbled in social media or blogging, experimented with ads or SEO, and been burned by a dodgy provider in the past. But that doesn’t mean you can neglect marketing — especially if you want to grow.

As the global pioneers in digital marketing for accountants, we know that the questions “Where do I start?” and “What do I do next?” are as common as they are important for growth. Without answers to those questions, you’ll feel as though you’re perpetually spinning your wheels without ever gaining traction. Never seeing results from your efforts.

That feeling sucks. Thankfully it doesn’t have to be that way.

Watch the recording below to learn the 3 essential pillars of modern marketing for accountants and advisors, and find out more about the Marketing Machine 2.0 model. This model strategically outlines an accounting firm’s marketing, starting with strategy and working through your digital presence (including, but not limited to your firm’s website), writing and publishing content to your website and social media, to attract and convert your ideal prospects.

Digital Marketing for Accountants: Get the Clarity You Need to Grow


  • Intro and who we’ve helped in the past (0:00)
  • Why ‘Silver Bullet’ marketing is unhelpful (9:30)
  • 3 essentials for effective marketing (11:40)
  • Marketing Machine 2.0 model for accountants and advisors(14:30)
  • Marketing Strategy for accountants(22:30)
  • Your online digital presence (24:30)
  • Publishing content — educational blogs, videos, social media etc (27:00)
  • Attracting visitors to your website and converting them to your email list (28:00)
  • Automating your marketing to help you nurture prospects (37:30)
  • Inviting prospective clients to book or buy from you (44:00)
  • Alternatives to the traditional sales process (46:30)
  • Blowing your clients away with stellar service delivery (49:30)
  • The Structure, Strategy, and Support PARADOX provides (53:30)

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