The Difference Between Marketing Directors, Managers and Coordinators

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Last Friday, MC (with the assistance of a cold Hawkers Pale Ale), explored the difference in roles and responsibilities between marketing directors, marketing managers, and marketing coordinators.

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Knowing the difference between these business marketing roles will help you to make better decisions about who you hire.

And beyond that, knowing the activity and results metrics associated with each role will help you to setup your practice with a team that tracks and measures their KPIs. As an accountant, you understand that “What you can measure you can manage.” and “What you measure, improves.”

So, to summarise the roles briefly…

The Marketing Director:

  • Is a senior partner within the firm
  • Is in charge of the firm’s marketing strategy
  • Has decision making power to decide the firm’s marketing strategy

The Marketing Manager:

  • Creates plans and manages marketing projects
  • Tracks, monitors and reports on KPIs, such as email and social post performance and web traffic
  • Communicates with and holds team members and contractors accountable

The Marketing Coordinator:

  • Delivers and publishes content to social media, blog page, promotion, email broadcasts etc
  • Has a ‘hands-on’ operational role

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