Consolid8 Interview: How they Won Xero Accounting Partner of the Year

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Consolid8 Xero Partner Interview - PARADOX

Watch this ‘Secrets of their Success’ interview, where Tanya Titman and Rebecca White generously share:

  • What they did in the past year to win Xero Accounting Partner of the Year
  • What they did differently in 2016 compared with previous years
  • Which marketing mistakes they stopped making
  • Which marketing and growth strategies have been the most effective
  • How they measure and track their marketing activities and results
  • How they structure and resource their marketing and selling processes
  • Which PARADOX services they used to help them achieve their goal

Picture this. You attend the Xerocon awards night dinner one year and you’re a little frustrated that your firm is not up there as one of the award winners, yet again.

Then you happen to notice there’s a common denominator among many of the Xero Accounting Partner of the Year winners over the years: PARADOX involvement in their marketing.

So, the next day you contact PARADOX and let them know that you want to be the one up there on stage next Xerocon, being awarded the Xero Accounting Partner of the Year. You’re willing to learn and you’re committed to implementing the advice.

So you sign up to PARADOX content marketing services, come to PARADOX Masterclasses, get super-savvy with your marketing strategies and use of technology, and one year later…

…you’re on stage receiving the very award you visualised and set your sights on.

Pretty satisfying, huh?

That’s precisely what happened to Tanya Titman and her Consolid8 Team recently—after a year of marketing guidance and support from PARADOX.

As you heard, Masterclass was a signficant turning point for Consolid8’s success. If you have the passion, drive and ability to take action and implement cut-through strategies to grow and develop your business, you’ll be interested to know our next Masterclass is only a few weeks away. This is your chance to follow in the footsteps of not only Consolid8, but other multi-award winning firms.

To make it even more valuable. This Masterclass you’ll leave with your Marketing Machine Blueprint—a one-page, practical and tangible guide you can use to take your firm to the next level in 2017.

This Blueprint will be the clearest and most pragmatic framework you’ve ever had for growing your firm. It will incorporate the very latest in marketing strategies and methodologies, broken down into clearly implementable chunks. You won’t just learn how to grow and develop your business, you’ll get the action steps for putting it into practice.

Find out more about Masterclass and how you can learn the business and marketing strategies you need to grow and develop your firm.

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