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In this episode of Advisory Advantage Shaye Thyer, National Cloud Advisory Specialist for BDO, joins MC Carter (Practice Paradox Director and Founder) and Richard Francis (Spotlight Reporting CEO) to discuss the shift into providing business advisory services.

Shaye views advisory as no longer an optional extra. It’s now an expectation, and rightly so. She considers the future of advisory as heading toward risk mitigation and risk minimisation, as compliance increasingly becomes digital.

Like so many who have made the shift, or are transitioning into delivering more advisory services — Shaye says it comes back to a desire to help people first and foremost. About making a difference and changing lives by offering experienced and informed advice.

Also covered in this episode include:

  • How to facilitate the ‘soft skills’ required to advise effectively
  • The status quo — most advisors are not naturally suited to delivering advisory
  • How to teach and improve advisory over time among team members
  • Ideas for the accounting profession to attract more ‘people-people’
  • Why accountants aren’t embracing advisory as much as they want to?
  • Quick wins for firms transitioning to business advisory services
  • How to demonstrate the value of your business advisory services to clients

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Alternatively, you can watch the video recording here

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