How to attract young talent to your accounting firm

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Nothing ever happens without someone first taking action to make it happen.

Jason Croston of SRJ Walker Wayland took action to attract young talent to his accounting and advisory firm 6 years ago. He got in touch with a local high school and started speaking to parents and students each year, offering 3-4 cadetships within the practice.

Watch the Friday Beerstorming chat below

It’s an approach that’s worked well for SRJWW. Watch the Friday Beerstorming broadcast and find out more about his approach and how it helps to attract quality young people to the firm.

Other topics touched on by Jason and MC:
— Personality profiling and The Winning Mix
— How the cadetships work at SRJWW
— The importance of getting real-world experience early on
— The results of this approach after 6 years
— The state of the accounting profession

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