Does your accounting firm’s website get measurable results?

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accounting firm's website measurable results

Do you want your accounting or advisory firm’s website to rank well in Google?

Who doesn’t?

Imagine what doubling or tripling the number of prospective clients coming to your website could mean for your firm.

Being savvy about modern marketing means understanding it. The critical metrics, which strategies reliably generate new business, and which doesn’t work at all.

Knowing that is essential. Now more than ever, and it isn’t easy.

With so many killer mistakes being made on accountant’s websites, and the ineffectiveness of shiny new websites, blocking out some time to properly understand digital marketing may be the very best use of your time.

Find out the latest and greatest by watching the recording of MC’s #FridayBeerstorming for a few ‘do’s and don’ts’. This will help you get strategic with your accounting firm’s website.

Catch MC’s short explainer video here on helping your accounting firm’s website to rank well in Google

Be sure to watch the video to learn:

  • The importance of being savvy in digital marketing. Understand what’s happening with your firm’s marketing (and avoid being swindled by dodgy providers)
  • Why you should set up Google Places in Google My Business to appear top of the local search results
  • The details behind why your website needs to be SEO’d to rank well in Google
  • Why you MUST know your firm’s SEO keyword phrases
  • Why writing articles that are both great to read and have been SEO’d to rank well for your target phrases is an excellent guerrilla marketing tactic
  • How you can avoid website errors that harm your ability to rank in Google

Win more of your ideal clients. For a strategic review of your website and Google rankings, click here to get your SEO Report Card and Competitive Rank Snapshot, complete with analysis by the PARADOX Team. We’ll show you how you can take your website to the next level and start attracting (and winning) more ideal clients!

When it comes to creating your keyword phrases, understand who you want to attract. Understand the pain points you’re solving for those people. Understand the aspirations you’re helping them to achieve. This will help you both understand who you’re writing for, and create useful keyword phrases relevant to your target market.

What is the real purpose of your accounting firm’s website?

The thing about keywords however, is that they change.

As your business grows and develops, the objective of your website is likely to shift over time.

Be sure your current focus for improving the performance of your website uses a metric that is measurable.

We like to give accountants the opportunity to have their say on our Facebook page from time to time. As you’ll see in the poll results below, some of the options selected are not easily measurable at all.

accounting firm's website purpose

Our preference is to focus on pragmatic, measurable metrics that you can use to track and improve the performance of your website.

Watch the video to hear MC’s tips about ensuring you have a strategic focus for your website’s performance.

You can only have one priority and in most accounting firms that’s to grow your email marketing database with targeted prospects?


Because in most firms, that is what will produce the greatest result. You have the ability to market one-to-many with your email list. And your email list are your very hottest prospects.

Of course design and branding is important, but it’s hard to measure the results of those.

Giving information and ideas are important too, as is getting your name and your firm’s profile more recognised. But at the end of the day they aren’t measurable.

Generating leads and getting more clients. Well those are indeed measurable. And to stay in business, they’re often necessary.

All are necessary and support the primary goal, but only growing your marketing database is sufficient if you want to grow reliably and consistently.

The best way we’ve found to drive growth via an accounting firm’s website, is with great SEO — Search engine optimisation.

Otherwise known as ranking well in Google.

What’s Your Experience Using SEO services?

Search Engine Optimisation is one of the highest return-on-investment options when it comes to marketing your business. But it needs to be done carefully.

A common mistake we see is people using SEO operatives who either, 1) do not understand the professional industry and market your firm is trying to reach or, 2) they don’t understand your brand and company culture.

While a number of firms subscribe to an SEO service, many have also:

    • considered it and never done it
    • tried it and no longer do it or
    • do it themselves in-house

Watch the video to learn more about the application of SEO for accountants.

One thing we know for certain is that SEO is a specialist area. Doing your own SEO is applicable for your blog posts if you understand the theory, but is otherwise best done by specialists. SEO includes on-page and off-page actions, which include activities on your website and on other websites to create links back to your site. Those ‘backlinks’ help your search engine rankings.

Know when to dive into SEO

Be careful not to invest in SEO services before your website is ready for increased traffic. The purpose of your website is to attract and convert targeted traffic. There’s no point sending more traffic to your website if it just bounces away or ‘leaks’ traffic. That’s one of the benefits of working with a digital marketing specialist who does not solely provide SEO services, but understands that is just one component of your marketing machine. When we’re working with firms and we can see that their website is not converting visitors and has a high bounce rate or has a low ‘time on page’ (the amount of time people are spending on each page), we understand the website needs to be improved and optimised before investment in SEO or even paid-traffic (pay-per-click advertising) is worthwhile.

It would be fair to say that most accounting and advisory firms have yet to venture into using SEO services. We recommend it to firms who first have a clear strategy, a converting website and who are consistently publishing great content. Particularly their blog.

If you’d like to have a chat with us about SEO feel free to get in touch here.

Or alternatively find out how you can win more of your ideal clients. For a strategic review of your accounting firm’s website and Google rankings, click here to get your SEO Report Card and Competitive Rank Snapshot, complete with analysis by the PARADOX Team. We’ll show you how you can take your website to the next level and start attracting (and winning) more ideal clients!

If you think this sounds great but would like to discover more about websites and SEO in practice, keep reading!

See the difference it has made for Embrace Accountants.

Reinventing an Accounting Firm — Embrace Accountants

In this webinar, you’ll discover how Antoinette Palmer went from too many clients and struggling, to far fewer clients and flying.

Maybe that’s not a common problem, but few accountants can say they’ve achieved a critical mass of ideal clients.

If you’re attracting the wrong types of clients to your firm, experience problems with bad debt, or simply have too many low-value clients, watch the webinar recording below and learn how Antoinette Palmer solved the problem—and how you can too.

Turnarounds like this don’t happen by accident, and they also don’t happen without you first making the conscious decision to change.

But, as you’re about to hear from Antoinette, the rewards and benefits that come from following through—from increased profitability, to working fewer hours, to getting your life back—show that you cannot afford not to take action to build the firm you wished you had.

Antoinette is also re-branding her accounting firm and website to the new name Embrace, and discusses the process, hurdles, and successes she has experienced so far in her journey. As stated above, design might not be the number one priority, but it is important. And the data shows it has a clear impact on a website’s ability to convert visitors into subscribers.

Curious about the benefits a re-brand might have for your firm?

Wondering how you can make strategic changes to increase:

        1. The value of your clients? or
        2. Your value to your clients?

Then be sure to set aside 1 hour to watch this webinar recording

Topics Covered

Introduction – (0:00)
How Antoinette started advertising (3:15)
Turning point — the Marketing Academy (5:45)
Traffic types for getting ideal clients vs price shoppers (8:30)
Building up a strategy (13:00)
Up 918% on the first 5 months 2017 on 2016 (15:30)
Accounting firm website rebrand and conversion rate optimisation (21:15)
Practice Ignition (46:30)
Bringing about change in a business – Mindset, skills, systems and tools (48:00)
Marketing Machine 2.0 (51:00)
PARADOX Masterclass (56:30)

Do accountants truly embrace design? #FridayBeerstorming with Antoinette Palmer

Hear again from Antoinette and the difference the re-design and re-brand has had on her firm.

Modern accountants are embracing the need for design and professional branding. Especially when it comes to social media or the accounting firm’s website.

Savvy accountants are starting to see how easy it can be to stand out from competitors in the digital age. Part of the reason why it’s so easy, is that many websites in the accounting space are cookie-cutter crap that look 8-12 years out of date.

If that sounds like you, be sure to check out the video below. See how you can turn it into a marketing and growth opportunity.

Hear from Antoinette about her experience re-branding her accounting firm.

Accounting firm’s website (and branding) — Do accountants embrace design?

Antoinette’s story covers the process she went through with Bianca (design specialist and PARADOX Preferred Partner). This process helped Bianca get a crystal clear visual understanding of Antoinette, to then replicate in the website’s design. The new website looks great — it’s strategic, visually stunning, and on-brand.

If you’re wondering how your firm’s website looks, check out our recent article on the topic here. In that post, MC breaks down the 6 Killer Mistakes that may be hampering your accounting firm’s website. There’s also a free guide you can use to evaluate your website.

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