Accountants: How to Deliver Advisory Services to Your Clients

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how to deliver advisory services with Steph Hinds

Want to offer business advisory services but don’t know where to start?

Wondering how you can motivate your team?

It’s a struggle many advisors face — you want to do the work, you can do the work, but it’s hard to get the work.

Tune into the latest Advisory Advantage podcast with guest Steph Hinds, Founder and Head Ninja at Growthwise. She has the answers to help accountants deliver advisory services. This is an opportunity for you to step up and be a hero to your clients!

Advisory Advantage — How to deliver advisory

In this podcast, Steph provides some great:

  • Advice on hiring the right people, educating and inspiring your team to ask the right questions
  • Ideas about how she runs workshops for her clients to help them understand the value of advisory, so they get the most out of it
  • Steps and strategies to deliver advisory and grow new revenue streams
  • Practical advice to help up-skill team members — to refine their ability to think and deliver advisory

“My advice is to get started with advisory services is begin with two clients. Once you’ve taken that leap everything else will begin to fall into place!” – Steph Hinds

Steph’s always been curious about what drives growth and success in business. She does this by probing, asking questions, and being genuinely interested to understand and help resolve a business owners issues.

Steph also recognises that tax is just one aspect of an accountant’s job. Providing valuable advice that helps change a business owner’s life is the big picture purpose. That’s what gets meaningful results and makes a difference.

Listen to the podcast to learn and profit from Steph’s wealth of experience around implementing and delivering business advisory services.

Here’s a link to the podcast episode

If video’s more your thing — here’s the recording

Alternatively you can listen on iTunes here.

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