Accountants and advisors: 27 questions to ask about your marketing plan for the coming year

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As you approach the end of yet another year, here are some important questions to reflect on.

Depending on where you are (including in which hemisphere), and on how you’re feeling… grab yourself a coffee, a pina colada, an eggnog, or a stiff scotch and as an accountant, CPA or advisor seriously consider your honest gut-level response to each of these questions.

And as you answer each of these, remember (what I call) the missing commandment: Thou shalt not kid thyself.

Here goes…

27 questions to ask about your marketing plan

  1. Is my firm growing at the rate I’d like it to grow? Or is it the size in revenue and profitability that I’d like it to be?
  2. If it’s not, am I clear about why that is? Have I identified the missing link?
  3. Am I having fun and finding meaning in doing what I’m doing?
  4. Is my firm giving me what I thought it would, not just in income and valuation growth, but in choices and flexibility in my lifestyle?
  5. Am I working too many hours? Am I becoming a stranger to those I love?
  6. Are people talking about my firm? Are referrals flowing in?
  7. Am I boring? Is what we do ‘also-ran’ and pedestrian?
  8. Does our firm look boring and ‘also-ran’ online?
  9. Does our firm look and sound just like every other fence-sitting, sleep-inducing, dull, conservative accounting or CPA firm out there?
  10. Do I have the courage to finally get off the fence? To stand out?
  11. Do I have the courage to drop the façade and let people know ‘the real me’ in our marketing?
  12. Is there an edge to our firm’s look and feel?
  13. Is there an edge to our firm’s message, our website content, our ‘vibe’?
  14. Do we even have a clear message?
  15. Am I clear on why I’m doing what I do, as an accountant or advisor?
  16. Am I happy about being average/boring/safe… and therefore invisible in the market?
  17. Am I willing to do something about it in the coming year?
  18. Does my firm’s online presence attract the most switched-on, digitally savvy young people who want to work for us?
  19. Does our website go BAM and hit new visitors between the eyes with a “wow, these guys are amazing” effect?
  20. Do we have a clearly defined marketing strategy for the coming year?
  21. Do we have a defined marketing methodology and structure we are implementing?
  22. Are we measuring the success of our marketing and business development efforts?
  23. Do we even know how to measure the effectiveness of our marketing?
  24. Who is driving our marketing strategy, internally?
  25. Who is driving our marketing activities, internally?
  26. Who is driving our marketing activities, as an outsourced resource?
  27. Have we found and hitched our wagon to a clear trusted advisor in the ‘marketing for accountants and advisors’ space?

Now… imagine yourself one year from now.

You have a crystal clear, emphatic answer for each and every one of those questions. You have a sense of clarity and confidence and momentum. You’d be—as PARADOX member Matt Sharwood of ADVISE Accountants & Advisors said to me recently—at a point where you can say, “we’re growing, and we’re not even trying”. (Here’s the video of our recent interview with Matt Sharwood)

Take a moment and reflect on that phrase:

  • we’re growing, and
  • we’re not even trying

That’s what focus and momentum feels like.

Results flow. The struggle recedes. Business becomes a game.

A game that’s fun. And a game that you’re winning. (And let’s face it, winning is fun.)

That’s the journey I invite you to take with us.

And we have the system you can hitch your wagon to. It’s new. It’s an interactive marketing implementation system. We call it Marketing ImpleMENTOR.

This is our entry-level service which makes it easy and affordable for you to join the ImpleMENTOR community and to tap into the most progressive thinking and pragmatic, drop-the-B.S., real-world advice going in the ‘marketing for accountants and advisors’ space, globally. (We’ve had many of our members tell us that listening to webinars or presentations from other prominent coaches and consultants to accountants lately is like travelling back in time 6 years, listening to what PARADOX was teaching back then. They’re laggards. And they don’t even know it.)

So take the time to go through those 27 questions above. Truly reflect on them. Don’t just read them. Ponder them.

And then let’s answer them again, in a year’s time, and see—and feel—the difference.

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