Accountants and Advisors: How to Consistently Implement and Execute in Your Practice

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When it comes to getting more accounting and advisory clients, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Getting to the point where you’re consistently taking action to grow and develop your business can be difficult.

Especially considering you have to go beyond preparation and risk judgement and potential negative feedback.

You have to actually do something, and that can feel risky.

Watch last Friday’s Beerstorming video where MC explored how to break through the barriers that may be holding you and the effectiveness of your accounting or advisory firm back.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you look at all the things you could be doing to market and grow your practice. Even easier if you came to our recent Masterclass, and now find yourself with a great big list of ideas to execute.

But the cause of overwhelm is a lack of focus and prioritisation.

Think about it, if you have 187 things to do, you’ll probably feel overwhelmed. If you prioritise one thing to work on, then it’s achievable in a short time frame and you’ll never feel buried under the weight of one task (and if you do, then you just need to break it down further).

Watch the video for a few more methodologies and frameworks from various books that, when applied to a business context, will help you to rapidly execute and complete projects in your practice.

There’s a wealth of models, concepts and productivity processes covered in the books MC talks about. The key is to synthesise parts from each that work best for you and your unique business situation, rather than trying to implement each of them perfectly according to the authors.

And even more importantly is developing that regular cadence, as outlined in the 12 Week Year.

Good luck implementing and nailing it in the coming year!

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