Accountants: Get more sales leads to your firm with Modern Marketing

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content marketing helps accountants get sales leads to their firm

Find out how one accounting firm when from achieving minimal results with Google Adwords and a freelance content marketer, to taking action with a strategic and methodical approach. This model was developed specifically for accountants and advisors to generate sales leads organically (without paid ads) each week.

Members who we have worked with to fully implement the Marketing Machine report receiving between 2 and 5 leads per week, of which 1-2 end up converting.

Content marketing helps accountants get sales leads

If you’re like most accountants, that’s a very nice supplement to any referrals you receive. But even better than that — it puts you in control. With modern marketing, you won’t find yourself at the mercy of referral partners who don’t refer. You’ll survive and thrive off your own helpful, educational content that engages, connects with, and benefits your prospects.

And even more importantly, you control the message. If you rely on referrals, you don’t know what someone’s been told about you — maybe they heard you were really cheap! That’s not good.

Imagine if your firm grew by 1-2 new clients each week, consistently and from content you had that worked for you around the clock 24/7.

If every week, people who were warm and pre-educated about what you do and how you can help them came to you. People who felt like they knew you after building up that ‘know, like, and trust factor’.

What if they were easy to sell to because you already signalled that you were the right person for them?

What might that mean for your business, for you personally, for your family and your lifestyle…?

Watch the video below to see how Jarvis Archer of insolvency firm Pearce & Heers is getting more leads by using Modern Marketing. In the online event recording, you’ll get an overview of the Marketing Machine 2.0 Blueprint developed by Michael Carter. Then you’ll see how Jarvis is taking action and implementing it within his business, assisted by the Modern Marketing ImpleMENTOR.

Interview: How one 3 Partner Accounting Firm Generates Leads

The Marketing Machine 2.0 model is based around the 10 core components of Strategy, Presence, Publish, Attract, Convert, Automate, Nurture, Invite, Sell and Onboard. Hear about Jarvis’ success implementing various practices from the first 8 components.


Time stamps:


  • Intro and Marketing Machine 2.0 overview (0:00)
  • Pearce & Heers journey — What worked and what didn’t (6:00)
  • Strategy (13:10)
  • Presence and website and Google search results rank (16:20)
  • Publish (37:15)
  • Attracting sales leads and social media for accountants (40:20)
  • Convert and lead magnets (47:00)
  • Automate and Active Campaign email sequences (48:30)
  • Nurture (52:30)
  • Invite (54:20)
  • Recap, results and next steps (56:30)

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